Orange SL Set to Launch Solar Energy Package


By Foday Moriba Conteh

Orange Sierra Leone, highly regarded as one of the country’s foremost telecommunications companies in the country and vibrantly operating to the satisfaction of its numerous subscribers, is now doggedly poised to launch its first ever solar package, Orange Energy, on the Sierra Leone market.

The first place where this Orange Energy will be implemented is Kabala. In that regard, subscribers are this new product will reach that part of the country. Residents are therefore informed that: “Light don kam na Kabala!  Lighten your home for an affordable price in Kabala with Orange Energy. Get the new Orange Energy Solar kit available in Kabala by visiting No.1 Koinadugu Road to get one or to know more.

It has been well established that solar energy systems do not produce air pollution, water pollution or greenhouse gases. Scientifically, using solar energy can have a positive, indirect effect on the environment as it reduces or replaces the use of other energy sources that pose great threats to the environment.

The company’s new package is aimed at providing reliable, affordable and safe solar electricity to homes without electricity supply as it will enable users get rid of expensive, dangerous and noisy generators and replace such with modern solar electricity that can power up to 3 utility bulbs, radio, a fan and a television set.

The package will first be on offer in areas without grid especially in the provinces, before it can be extended to other parts of the country. The technology includes a panel linked to an indoor unit that allows customers to access significant amount of power on demand with an easy payment process which will be done conveniently.

With the launch of the Orange Energy project,  Orange Sierra Leone will again demonstrate its innovative prowess as the strongest provider of Telecoms and life changing services that use digital innovation as its main driver in promoting social and economic development in the country with diverse products and services to meet the needs and desires of Sierra Leoneans.

The launch of this new product is aimed at creating a touch point with customers by providing them with the platform for proper and accessible energy usage in line with the company’s availability and affordability principles.

The company’s device and product catalogue plus its network resonates with the profound needs of its valued subscribers, ensure that children and young people even the aged have access to reliable, affordable and safe solar electricity in a seamless manner.

With the Basic and Premium Kit, subscribers of the product will have the opportunity of accessing electricity in their homes with a flexible payment method that can be done on a weekly or monthly basis or one-off payment all depending on the category requested.

It has been noted that the heartbeat of Orange SL’s business is their customers as the company is indebted to give them a unique/exceptional experience under its flagship of customer focus.

“Our main priorities are customer experience, enhancing quality of service, business growth and product diversity. Orange remains committed to keeping its valued customers ahead through the provision of latest technologies along with reliable and superior network quality through an enhanced world class system for an unmatched experience,” the company disclosed maintaining that Orange Energy is coming soon to your own area!

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