Orange SL Supports Bike Riders to Launch New Office

By Abubakarr Harding

Orange Sierra Leone and the Bike Riders Union have joined hands to launch the Union’s newly constructed office on 41c Jenner Wright Road, Race Course Community at Up Gun in Freetown. The inauguration took place on Thursday, 3rd August 2023, with an enthusiastic Regional Chair for the Bike Riders Union in attendance.

The President of the Bike Riders Association, Umaru Talie Bah, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Orange SL for their timely intervention during the construction of their office building. He revealed that materials used in the construction were funded from meagre contributions from the riders’ earnings.

Bah highlighted that when Orange SL approached them for a partnership, the first thing that came to his mind was completing the office building, which has now been successfully accomplished. He emphasized the willingness of the Bike Riders Association to collaborate with Orange SL for future ventures.

The President also thanked the riders for their unwavering support saying prior to Orange Sierra Leone’s involvement, the construction relied on the riders’ meager earnings. He urged the riders not to miss out on the benefits of the partnership, as they stand to reap the rewards if it continues.

Sales and Commercial Expert for Orange SL, Bolor T Sesay, expressed immense pride in working with Orange Sierra Leone, praising the company for its commitment to development initiatives. He pointed out that the partnership with the bike riders has enabled Orange’s services and products to reach remote villages in Sierra Leone effectively.

Sesay highlighted the significance of the bike riders as they are dispersed all over the nation, making them crucial partners for Orange’s mission. He revealed that one of the core mandates of Orange SL’s CEO is youth development, making the partnership with the bike riders a natural fit, given that they largely consist of young individuals.

While the completion of the office marks an important milestone in the partnership, Sesay disclosed that Orange SL has greater plans. They intend to utilize the bike riders as points of sales to further enhance their services and reach in the country.

In her keynote speech, Head of Strategy, Partnership and Marketing at Orange SL, Abibatu Baxter, shared the company’s vision for Orange Money and stressed their commitment to eliminating the need for physical cash and ensuring a seamless and secure digital payment experience for the people.

Baxter also highlighted some common challenges faced by the bike riders, such as money being soaked under the rain during the rainy season and disputes over change between bikers, traders, and customers. According to her, the partnership with Orange aims to address those issues and empower the riders with convenient financial solutions.

She concluded that the collaboration between Orange Sierra Leone and the Bike Riders Union promises a brighter and more convenient future for both parties as well as the communities they serve.

With Orange’s commitment to youth development and financial inclusivity, and the bike riders’ widespread presence, this partnership is set to make a significant impact in Sierra Leone’s progress.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with a raffle draw where lucky winners had the chance to take home either a bike helmet or umbrella.


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