Orange SL Supports Refurbishment of Beamay Nursery/ Primary School

Commissioned by First Lady…

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

The Beamay Nursery and Primary School, dedicated to educating the children of personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), was officially commissioned by the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency, Dr. Fatima Bio on the 28th September 2023. The transformative and momentous event was made a possibility through the collaborative efforts of the Wives of the Armed Forces Cooperative Society, led by its esteemed President, Madam Fatimata Bintu Lavahun and Orange Sierra Leone, under the patronage of the CEO of Sonatel Group, Sekou Drame and the CEO of Orange SL, Sheku Amadu Bah.

This important milestone was graced by prominent personalities, including Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, some Ministers, the Chief of Defence Staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Lieutenant General P. K. Lavahun, CEO of Sonatel Group, Sekou Drame, Director General of NaTCA, Amara Brewah, members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, the Head Teacher, Staff and Pupils of Beamay Preparatory School and members of the Fourth Estate.

In her keynote address, the First Lady, Dr. Fatima Bio expressed appreciation to Orange Sierra Leone and the Wives of the Armed Forces Cooperative Society for creating an ideal learning environment for the children of service personnel in Wilberforce. She commended Madam Lavahun’s leadership and stressed the importance of unity for the nation’s growth.

Expressing gratitude to the Army Wives for inviting her as the guest speaker, the First Lady lauded their dedication in financing the school’s refurbishment, emphasizing the significance of education, which according to her, aligns with President Bio’s agenda of enhancing human capital development.

Dr. Fatima Bio also recognized Orange and Sonatel for elevating the school’s standards to meet higher educational benchmarks. Additionally, she highlighted her contributions to the military sector over the past three years, including the construction of a major hospital set to house a medical school in the near future.

She also mentioned the importance of collaborating with the Army Wives to create a better society for women, children and girls also urging the school authorities to maximize the new facility and called on teachers, parents and community residents to unite in delivering quality education to pupils.

Lieutenant General P. K. Lavahun, Chief of Defence Staff, in his contribution emphasized the historical importance of Beamay Nursery and Primary School, revealing how the school has been providing a nurturing learning environment for the children of serving personnel for over four decades. He commended the past leadership of the Wives of the Armed Forces Cooperative Society for conceiving the idea of establishing such a vital facility that also ensures the well-being of children attending it.

He further stressed the significance of education for personal and professional success, extending gratitude to both the Wives of the Armed Forces Cooperative Society and Orange Sierra Leone for undertaking the renovation of the school.

The Chief of Defence Staff also recognized the partnership between the Government and Orange Sierra Leone as a powerful force in advancing human capital development and youth empowerment, in line with President Julius Maada Bio’s vision for Sierra Leone.

The senior military personnel ended up commending the First Lady for attending the event also thanking Orange SL and Sonatel for their contributions to the school’s revitalization and assured attendees that the school would be diligently maintained.

CEO of Orange Sierra Leone, Sekou Amadou Bah, acknowledged the importance of giving back to the communities they serve. He emphasized that the project signifies Orange’s ongoing commitment to complement the Government’s educational initiatives, as they have constructed and refurbished several schools across the country.

“As a company, we understand the essence of giving back to the communities in which we operate,” said Bah. “Today, we are happy to say the refurbished school with seven classrooms will host about 280 pupils, giving the children of Beamay School better facilities for an effective learning environment to nurture the leaders of the future.”

Bah continued, “If a community is to improve its economic and social well-being it needs to invest in human capital development by providing a good education to give the children we see here today to grow and develop into productive members of society.”

He reaffirmed Orange Sierra Leone’s commitment to supporting the Government’s development goals particularly in driving human capital development and youth empowerment.

Sekou Drame, CEO of Sonatel, echoed those sentiments stating that the project reinforces their commitment to sustainable development in education and pledged to continue constructing more classrooms nationwide.

“This project is a reflection of Sonatel and Orange’s group commitment towards fostering sustainable development in education to build seeds for the future,” said Drame. He highlighted their group’s CSR policy’s four key areas, emphasizing the well-being of communities, good governance, economic growth through investments and environmental preservation.

Drame also expressed pride in Orange Sierra Leone’s local initiatives, including the construction of early child development centers across the country and their dedication to fostering education’s role in national development.

Amara Brewah, Director General of NATCA, praised Orange Sierra Leone for its long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility across various sectors. He urged other service providers to follow Orange Sierra Leone’s example in making a positive impact on local communities.

The Member of Parliament for Constituency 128 thanked Orange Sierra Leone for the school’s renovation in his jurisdiction. He acknowledged their dedication to corporate social responsibility and their significant contributions to education in Sierra Leone.

Earlier, during the event, the Public Relations Officer of the Wives of the Armed Forces Cooperative Society, in her statement, expressed gratitude to Madam Fatimata Bintu Lavahun and Orange Sierra Leone for their unwavering commitment to the school’s transformation. She underscored how the day marks a significant chapter in the historical journey of the institution, not only in terms of its infrastructural development but also in its dedication to enhance the intellectual and personal growth of children of personnel of the Armed Forces and residents of the community as a whole.

The First Lady then officially commissioned the refurbished Beamay Nursery and Primary School by cutting the ribbon.

The commissioning of Beamay Preparatory School Wilberforce stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the First Lady, the Sierra Leone Army Wives Cooperative Society, and corporate partners Orange and Sonatel. In other words, it exemplifies the power of collaboration and the commitment of all stakeholders to promote education and sustainable development in Sierra Leone. Their shared commitment to improving education and nurturing Sierra Leone’s future generations paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous nation.


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