Organizing a Separate Chop & Chat Session Event…   Africell Offers NLe300 Win Kopo Grand Prize & Unveils Upcoming Edition

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a recent celebratory event, Africell Sierra Leone has once again proved its dedication to enriching the lives of its customers by awarding the grand prize of NLe 300 to the elated winner of the popular Win Kopo show. The occasion was doubly significant as it also served to announce the exciting new prize pool totaling over NLe 1,000,000 for the upcoming season of the game show.

The Win Kopo show, hosted by the vibrant Fatmata Jaria Bah, has been a staple of entertainment in households across the country, drawing in viewers for more than a year with its engaging content and generous prizes. She reminisced over the previous season’s success, which saw subscribers take home over a million daily prizes. From those daily giveaways to the weekly and biannual jackpots, the show has kept subscribers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling rewards system, she noted.

Mohamed Barrie, an octogenarian from Kamakwie in the Karene District and the latest grand prize winner, is a testament to the show’s wide-reaching impact. A loyal Africell user for over ten years, Mohamed Barrie, who is a cattle rearer by profession, expressed his deep gratitude towards Africell Sierra Leone for making his dream come true.

During the event, Joe Abass Bangura, the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Africell Sierra Leone, took the limelight to unveil the upcoming edition of the Win Kopo show. He detailed the enhanced format designed to increase winning chances for subscribers, which now includes daily prizes of NLe 500, weekly windfalls of NLe 5000 for four winner, and substantial quarterly jackpots.

According to him, participation in the Win Kopo show remains straightforward and inclusive as Africell customers can enter the competition by purchasing a top-up of any amount or engaging with questions by dialing *4888#.  He continued that this user-friendly participation mechanism allows all subscribers an equal shot at the big wins.

The event reached its high point with the symbolic presentation of the cheque to the grand prize winner, followed by a celebratory photo session featuring Africell Sierra Leone’s Management and the winner’s representative.

As Africell furthers its mission to empower its customers, the anticipation builds for a new season of the Win Kopo show, where fortunes are made and dreams realized.

In another development, Afrimoney organized an engaging “Chop and Chat” session at the prestigious Lagoonda complex in Aberdeen, Freetown to highlight the diverse range of products and services it is offering. The event, attended by various partners and stakeholders, served as a platform to underscore the pivotal role of mobile money in today’s banking landscape.

Speaking at the event, Shadi Gerjawi, the Managing Director of Africell Sierra Leone, emphasized the growing significance of mobile money as the new standard for banking and financial transactions. He urged attendees to leverage the speed, reliability and affordability of the Afrimoney mobile system for their financial needs.

Highlighting the national agenda for financial inclusion, Madam Esther Johnson of the Bank of Sierra Leone commended Afrimoney for its substantial contributions in advancing accessibility and usability in the country’s financial ecosystem. She praised Afrimoney’s extensive agent network and user-friendly interface, which have played a crucial role in enhancing financial inclusion.

Echoing these sentiments, Martinson Obeng-Agyei an official of Africell, reiterated the company’s commitment to fostering a cashless digital economy across Sierra Leone. He emphasized Afrimoney’s efforts in providing widespread access to its platform, agents and management, with the ultimate goal of achieving a seamless, SIM-free transaction system in the future.

The event culminated in an interactive question and answer session, allowing participants to provide valuable feedback on the Afrimoney mobile system. As a token of appreciation, all attendees were presented with gift bags, underscoring Afrimoney’s gratitude for their presence and support at this significant gathering.

The Chop and Chat session not only showcased Afrimoney’s innovative solutions but also highlighted its pivotal role in driving financial inclusion and shaping the future of digital banking in Sierra Leone. With continued collaboration and commitment from all stakeholders, Afrimoney aims to further expand its reach and impact, making financial services more accessible and inclusive for all.


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