Outgoing Planning Minister Champions Integrated Approach to SDG Implementation at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on the 2030 Agenda

By James Samba


Sierra Leone’s commitment to sustainable development took center stage as the country’s outgoing Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Francis Kai-Kai on Monday 17th July, 2023 actively participated in the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the 2030 Agenda held in New York. Driven by a vision of comprehensive progress, the Minister emphasized the importance of an integrated approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and highlighted President Julius Maada Bio’s dedication to achieving these global targets.

An Integrated Approach to SDG Implementation:

In his impactful participation at the HLPF, Sierra Leone’s outgoing Planning Minister underscored the significance of an integrated approach to SDG implementation. Recognizing that sustainable development challenges are interconnected, he emphasized the need for holistic strategies that address the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of development. This integrated approach ensures that progress in one area does not come at the expense of another, fostering balanced and inclusive development.

“Sierra Leone’s unwavering commitment lies in adopting an integrated approach towards SDG implementation, yet it is SDG 4, focusing on inclusive education, and SDG 16, centered on peace and justice, that have emerged as the driving forces. These two goals hold utmost priority in transforming Sierra Leone’s economy and society, serving as catalysts for propelling the rest of the SDGs towards impactful outcomes”, says Dr. Kai-Kai.

Aligning National Development Plans with the SDGs:

Sierra Leone’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda was demonstrated through its efforts to align national development plans with the SDGs. The outgoing Planning Minister highlighted the country’s progress in incorporating the SDGs into its national development frameworks, ensuring that these global goals are integrated into Sierra Leone’s long-term vision for sustainable development. This alignment facilitates coherent policy-making, resource allocation, and monitoring of progress, enhancing the effectiveness of development initiatives.

He referred specifically to the Sierra Leone Government’s continuation to implementing the Free Quality School Education Programme in pursuit of Goal 4 with sustained investment, which according to him resulted in an increase in school enrolment by more than 600,000 pupils in 2019, following the launch of the programme in 2018.

Prioritizing Key SDG Targets:

In his statement, he placed particular emphasis on key SDG targets that hold significant importance for Sierra Leone’s development trajectory. By highlighting these priorities, he drew attention to critical areas such as poverty eradication, quality education, sustainable infrastructure, gender equality, and climate action. This targeted focus enables Sierra Leone to allocate resources strategically, mobilize partnerships, and track progress effectively in these specific areas.

Partnerships for Sustainable Development:

He also recognized the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development. He engaged with international organizations, fellow ministers, and stakeholders, promoting collaboration and exchange of best practices. By forging alliances and fostering dialogue, Sierra Leone aims to leverage expertise, resources, and innovative approaches to accelerate progress towards the SDGs. These partnerships strengthen Sierra Leone’s development efforts and enhance its capacity to overcome challenges.

Sierra Leone’s Commitment to Leaving No One Behind:

In line with the spirit of the SDGs, the outgoing Minister reiterated the country’s commitment to leaving no one behind. He highlighted President Julius Maada Bio’s dedication to addressing inequalities and ensuring that the benefits of development reach all segments of society, including vulnerable and marginalized populations. By prioritizing inclusivity and social justice, Sierra Leone aims to build a more equitable and sustainable future for all its citizens.


Sierra Leone’s participation in the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on the 2030 Agenda exemplified the country’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development. Through the active engagement of its outgoing Planning Minister, Sierra Leone emphasized the importance of an integrated approach to SDG implementation, aligning national development plans, prioritizing key targets, fostering partnerships, and leaving no one behind. These efforts position Sierra Leone as a proactive player in the global quest for a sustainable future.

As Sierra Leone’s Planning Minister transitions from his role, his final participation as the Minister of Planning and Economic Development in the HLPF serves as a milestone in the country’s sustainable development journey. Sierra Leone’s dedication to an integrated approach to implementing the SDGs will continue to drive progress, enabling the nation to overcome challenges and create a prosperous and equitable society for all its citizens.


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