Over Le50 Million Dished by Bollore Sierra Leone in Support of  “Hands Off Our Girls Campaign”

Bollore Transport and Logistics Company

By Abdulraman Sinneh Koroma

It has been established that the Freetown Terminal, a subsidiary of Bollore Transport and Logistics Company in Sierra Leone over the past few days has supported First Lady Fatima Bio’s Hands of Our Girls campaign with a little over fifty million Leones, through the printing of T-shirts, Banners and other priority items needed in the campaign.

The company on October 11th 12th 18th & 19th travelled with the First Lady in Makeni, Kono Moyamba and Pujehun in a bid to help Madam Bio achieve her fight against men who are in the habit of going after young girls in the country.

Gassimu Fofana, Public Relations Officer of Freetown Terminal said the company decided to join the First Lady’s campaign trail because the company believes the Hands of Our Girls campaign is a genuine cause, and that rape, child abuse and early marriage remains high in Sierra Leone.

“We want to join the First Lady in altering the narratives for the better when it comes to rape and child marriage moving forward,” he pointed out.

While delivering her statements across the country, First Lady Fatima Bio emphasized that girls should be girls and not mothers or sexual slaves.

Madam Bio added that many girls have went through lots of constraints due to what she described as “abnormal behavior” of men that lead to the unfortunate deaths of young girls across the country.

“Our girls are dying every day and it’s no secret, Sierra Leone is a nation with a very high mortality rate not just in Africa, but the world at large”, she averred.

Madam Fatima Bio further stated that the aforementioned has been happening due to negligence on the side of some parents and community stakeholders, and that the same wrong doings are repeatedly occurring in various communities across the country in which young girls are impregnated and later die while in labor.

“For far too long our girls have been used and abused by our inconsiderable men and it’s about time we fight together and put this menace to rest,” she mentioned.


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