Oversea Money via Orange Money Remains Quickest Way to Remit Money

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

‘Oversea Money’ one of the services that Orange Sierra Leone through one of its appendages, Orange Money since it was launched on the 27th November, 2020 is steadily gaining momentum.

The Orange Money Service enables active Orange Money customers or subscribers to receive money from international destinations via Western Union, BnB, Small World, Omnex Group, Yahwill and many more directly to their Orange Money wallet.

From the expressed views of many that this medium captured through a random survey, what came out glaringly was that valid Orange Money customers have been enjoying the service simply because of its promptness and reliability. There was unanimity in responders confirmation that receiving money from friends and families from the Diaspora via their Orange money wallets could not only be easily accessed through SMS alerts but the speed of the transaction could be liken to a lightening that comes before a thunder.

The service includes remittances through the following partners: Western Union, BNB, Small World, Omnex Group, Yahwii and Shaka Express, meaning that customers could now receive money during and within their comfort zones at ease.

The service has automatically eliminated the discomfort associated sending costs incurred by Orange Money’s esteemed customers to receive monies sent from overseas and also enables customers to avoid queues at certain points as well as not having to go through middlemen (relatives and friends) in conducting transactions.

It must be noted that customers at the receiving end are not required to do anything with their Orange Money wallets as it is only senders of Oversea Money that will choose to send to the mobile wallets of recipients. Customers can receive as low as Le 50,000 and as high as Le 15,000,000 daily.

This service is available on a 24hrs basis a day as long as customers are eligible to receive transactions and special registration processes are not  required to receive Oversea Money and that rrecipients of Oversea money will not be charged for receiving monies. Transfer charges will be settled by the sender.

However, normal Orange Money charges apply for any further action on the Orange Money wallet.

A sender must ensure that the name of the recipient he/she enters is the exact name of the recipient registered on Orange Money. Transaction will fail if the names don’t match and the Oversea Money automatically goes in to the customer’s Orange Money wallet and  can be used to do any Orange Money activity.

Valued customers should take advantage of the service and inform their friends and families abroad to directly send to their Orange Money wallets as Orange Money now partners with Western Union, BnB etc. to bring Oversea Money to doorsteps.

Make use of this unique and technological innovative service and do all your transactions at any Orange Money shop, kiosks and franchise locally, nationally, internationally and globally.

Customers can dial *747 and 111 for any information or to register complaints related to the service.


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