Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone Unites to Confront Challenges & Advocates for Unity

By Abubakarr Harding

In a resolute effort to confront the myriad challenges facing the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone (PFSL), the fellowship convened its monthly general meeting on March 5, 2024, at the Bethel Temple International Ministries on Tower Hill. To address pertinent issues affecting churches and the fellowship, the theme of the meeting was aptly chosen as: “The Glory of Unity.”

Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly, President of PFSL, revealed that the primary purpose of the gathering was to deliberate matters concerning the fellowship, engage in fervent prayers for national interests, assess their direction as a collective body, and foster personal and collective growth. One of the gravest concerns highlighted by Bishop Sam-Jolly was the distressing trend of churches breaking down from various quarters and for diverse reasons.

The bishop emphasized the alarming absence of court orders, leading to situations where individuals take matters into their own hands, resulting in the unwarranted attack on churches. Particularly in Bo and Freetown, instances of church breakdowns have become disturbingly routine with the bishop passionately asserting, “It’s unfair to the body of Christ.”

Bishop Sam-Jolly also shed light on the challenges posed by various rules and laws conceived by ministries, which inadvertently infringe upon the rights and freedom of Christians. In response, the PFSL has taken proactive measures, offering training sessions, including legal and medical training, to equip their members, ensuring they stand strong in ministry and provide no foothold to the adversary.

The bishop affirmed that the PFSL has engaged with Government officials, heads of related forces, and the Police on matters related to these challenges. Some of these issues have found their way into the court system, a testament to the fellowship’s commitment to justice.

In a display of solidarity, Bishop Sam-Jolly mentioned that PFSL collaborates with umbrella organizations, such as the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone and the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone. While the Council of Churches remains an autonomous body with the right to address issues, the PFSL is actively engaged in fellowship and collaboration.

The Vice President of PFSL, Apostle Augustine S. Kamara, exhorted on the theme of unity, emphasizing key areas where solidarity among churches is crucial. As the PFSL faces overwhelming challenges, including legal battles and societal pressures, the fellowship is openly seeking support from Government officials and other stakeholders.

The monthly general meeting served as a platform for the PFSL to strengthen its resolve, foster unity among its members, and address the pressing issues that threaten the harmony of the fellowship and the churches it represents. Through collaboration and unwavering commitment to justice, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone strives to uphold the values and freedom of its members in the face of adversity.


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