Police Declare Abdulai Kallay Wanted

Abdulai Kallay

By Alim Jalloh

The Sierra Leone police has declared Abdulai Kallay wanted on allegation of attempted murder of Mr. Ishmael Kallay who was a resident at No. 34 Race Course Road.

According to police officer, Osman Sesay of the Ross Road police Station said the attempted murder of Ishmael Kallay who happens to be an uncle to Abdulai Kallay took place at the house on 16 September 2018, at around 11 pm.

He added that Abdulai fought a police officer after learnt that his uncle had framed up stories at the Police Station in order to escape justice. He was told by his mother how his uncle almost succeeded in raping her and after that he came to the police station and made an official report against the woman that she tried to stab him with a knife.

It was understood that the complaints by Abdulai’s mother against his uncle is very serious and therefore it was not taken lightly. He was arrested and later released on the same day.

Memunatu Kamara a senior police officer at The Ross Road police station said after the release of the accused (Abdulai Kallay) he heard him saying that his uncle is going to get him hot.

So when he went home according to sources gather by witness around Jeneba kamara said the Abdulai Kallay ran straight to his uncle and started insulting him. Fighting later ensued between the two (uncle and nephew).

Abdulai was was allegedly reported to have used wodden stick and then hit his uncle countless times resulting him to have lost consciousness.

Whilst beating his uncle with stick, Abdulai was overheard repeatedly saying “I hate you, I hate you.” The beating did not stop until his uncle became unconscious, so said eye witnesses on the ground. It was after Abdulai had learnt that his uncle had lost consciousness when he disappeared in fear of mob justice.  His uncle was later taken to the Emergency Hospital for medical treatment.

According to another witness Mr Ibrahim Sesay who live at 36 Race Course Road, opposite the compound of Ishmael Kallay, the witness said on that night before the attack, he heard the victim, Abdulai Kallay saying he is going to ask his uncle why  he tried to rape his mother and had wanted to put a stop that.

Therefore, a police medical report was issued to the uncle. The medical report indicated that the condition of the victim is serious as there are signs of internal fractures on the head which could lead to death.

The police after seeing the doctor medical report confirmed medical report came out with a charge as “Attempted Murder” and the declared Abdulai Kallay wanted with a bounty of five million Leones for anyone that can give out information that will lead to his arrest.



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