Police Declare Aminata Bangura Wanted

Aminata Bangura wanted in connection with the Makeni riot

By Edward Vamboi

It has emerged last night that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police in Makeni, Northeast of Sierra Leone have declared the Deputy Regional Chairlady of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party Aminata Bangura wanted for her alleged involvement in a demonstration on Saturday July 18th 2020 that resulted to the death of four youths and the vandalization of houses in Makeni town.

Aminata Bangura who was the deputy Regional Chairlady of the APC party Womens’ Congress in the Northeast region was accused of being among the ring leaders in the July 18th 2020 protest over the relocation of the government generator from Makeni to Lungi after security forces opened fire at them.

The people were protesting over the relocation of the generator from Makeni to the Lungi International Airport in Port Loko district by the government.

The Women’s Congress is one of the registered and recognized branches of the APC party by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC).

Head of the investigation, ASP Mohamed Fofanah told this medium that after the July protest the government ordered the police to start a full scale investigation into the riot that resulted to the destruction of some properties and the death of four young people from gun shot.

It must be noted that because Makeni Town, is the stronghold of the APC party, the SLPP government decided to launch a full scale investigation into what happened during the protest that ended up being violent.

ASP Fofanah said the government demanded a full scale investigation, adding that all those found culpable must be brought to book.

He pointed out that the orders from government prompted the police to start arresting people including women suspected to have played a pivotal role in that crisis.

ASP Fofanah said they decided to issue an arrest warrant for Aminata Bangura for her alleged role in that demonstration. He said the CID has included her name in the list of wanted persons since she refused to respond to the call of the police to make statement regarding that issue.

Meanwhile, family members in Makeni have expressed serious concern about the there about of Aminata Bangura.

“I have not seen my daughter for the last few months since her name was mentioned by the police. The family is very much concerned about her safety, security and wellbeing,” Aminata’s mother Fatima Bangura said in tears.

She disclosed that Aminata’s father died of heart attack immediately he heard the name of his daughter on the list of wanted persons regarding the Makeni riot on radio.


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