Popular Artist MP Dollar Declared Wanted

Abdul Karim Kamara (MP Dollar) running for his life
Abdul Karim Kamara (MP Dollar) running for his life

By Peter Lamboi

Report reaching this medium last night revealed that a popular artist named Abdul Karim Kamara (alias MP Dollar) has been caught pants down in an exotic position with his male partner Mohamed Koroma at the latter’s house at Taylor Street, Kissy in the Eastern part of Freetown.

This popular artist is believed to have been in this relationship with Mohamed Koroma, for quite some time, without the knowledge of the community and family members.

They are said to have been very subtle in their relationship, until they were caught on the height by Mohamed’s younger brother, which later resulted into a serious scuffle between Abdul Karim and some neighbors including Mohamed’s father.

Although he later succeeded to escape, sources say he sustained some injuries.
Sources close to the artist say both young men have been seen around on several occasions, not knowing that they were homosexual partners.

A relative of the Koroma family said, the artist decided to visit Mohamed Koroma at his Taylor Street residence one evening.

At the residence, sources say a serious argument ensued between the artist and Koroma’s father after realizing the ungodly act the two young men have been doing.

The neighbours said they were shocked to learnt that Abdul Karim and Koroma have been in this act for a long time, contrary to the laws governing the state.

They said they initially thought that Koroma was one of the fans of the artist, adding that it was surprised to them. When asked about the whereabout of the artist, they said that since he left the house in the company of his male partner, they have not set eyes on him.

One of the fans, Abu Tarawallie said he saw Abdul Karim at the residence of his Manger Med Kay, were he complained that he was unwell and badly treated by some hooligans. He said he needs assistance as he was not walking properly.

Abdul Karim requested that he be taken to a hospital in Waterloo out of Freetown for further medical treatment. Three days later Abdul Karim was reported to have left the hospital and fled to an unknown destination for fear of his life.

The Manager told this medium that he was reliably informed that Abdul Karim has been declared wanted by both irate youths and the police for his alleged involvement in homosexual related activities.

Meanwhile the case of M.P. Dollar and Mohamed continues to raise public safety concerns for people with the same sex in Sierra Leone as their human rights are constantly being violated.


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