As He Goes through Severe Castigation… Sulaiman Maneuvers the Tyranny of Forceful Initiation

Sulaiman Bangura

By Adizzo Kay

Reliable information gathered by this medium revealed that Sulaiman Bangura, who lost his father in February 2015 due to an ailment which started in January that same year, was summoned to a closed door meeting in Mathaikoh village, Port Loko District for a forceful initiation into a Secret Society commonly known as the ” Poro society “.

Based on updates received this writer it was learnt that before he was approached as another option by elders of the society, his elder brother Mohamed Bangura was forcefully captured and initiated into the “Poro Society” but unfortunately he died as a result of an unhealthy climate and aggressive torture.

Due to their sacred belief that Sulaiman’s late Dad was an eminent personality in the society, such prompted them to call Bangura to another emergency meeting after the burial of his eldest brother. In that strict confidential meeting, they wasted no time to reveal to Sulaiman that he must replace his late father since the eldest son has passed away and that besides he had been chosen by their spirits long ago but they were just trying to maintain sequence of arrival in their family lineage.

This newspaper was informed by eyewitnesses that Bangura rejected their traditional demand on the grounds of his fervent Islamic belief and that he was not ready to compromise or sacrifice his spiritual relationship with Allah/God to that of a secret society commitment.  Aggressively, he was dragged to a strange bush in a village called Mathaikoh in the Port Loko District; where he was tied like a cow to be initiated on a particular day as they were preparing a concoction of traditional medicine for three days.

As they went out in search of other powerful herbs in another society bush, Sulaiman Bangura swiftly took advantage of that breathing space, untied himself and escaped from that fierce bush to an unknown location. Upon their return it was intimated to this medium that they desperately searched for him in every nook and cranny of the village for spoiling their medicine and betraying the course, but he was nowhere to be found.

It was narrated that the search was like a Predator searching for its prey on a very hungry day.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that the Poro Society at Mathaikoh village, where that clumsy incident took place had communicated to their various networks across the country that their would-be initiate has escaped from their society bush and that if seen should be forcefully captured and sent to them to complete the initiation ceremony. When vulnerable Sulaiman heard those worrisome messages and realized that his life is prone to high risk, he was relentlessly relocating from one township to another until he finally left the shores of Sierra Leone on 26th July 2015 in search of a safe haven.

Conclusively, information gathered revealed that the desperate search for Bangura to complete the deadly initiation continues and would be captured with cruelty at anytime and anywhere he is found in Sierra Leone.
Sulaiman is said to be in a rather hopeless situation…


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