Poro Society Men Wants Eugene Cole Dead Or Alive

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Eugene Cole

By Foday Moriba Conteh

A 17 years old Eugene Cole who fled out of Sierra Leone in 2017 to save his life as poro men wanted to initiates him forcefully has Again on the 17th December 2022 declared wanted dead or alive during the Christmas festival of the poro society in yoni Bana.

Information reaching this medium intimated that Eugene Cole was declared WANTED again by the Poro Society in yoni Bana as they consider him betraying the society therefore they declare him wanted dead or alive .It all generates on Friday 14, July 2017 when Eugene Cole escaped from the Poro society bush at Yoni Bana, Tonkolili District, northern part of sierra Leone.

According to sources, Eugene Cole’s father Raymond Cole aka Yamba soko is the head of the Poro society who has grown old but want his son Eugene Cole to take over after him.
According to the report, Eugene Cole who was defiant to join the Poro society was urged by his father and some Poro men to join, adding that being so defiant to join the Poro society, Eugene Cole was reported to have manhandled and forcefully taking to the society bush for initiation.

Eugene Cole, Report continue that he escaped from the society bush during Initiation at that faithful night and this catches the attention of several media houses but too much political involvement and protection of the society ordeals have technically refrain the involvement of the government says a pastor within the township .
According to one Amadu Conteh, the escape of Eugene Cole from the society bush resulted to rampage in the village.

Amadu Conteh continue that the Poro society devil came to the village from the bush demanding Eugene Cole’s dead or alive.
Eugene’s father had been alleged to always confront Eugene on several occasions to prepare for the Poro initiation but the lad was said to have always told him that he would never be part to such devlish society.

In the afternoon hours of 5th July 2017, Yamba (Eugene‚Äôs father) was said to have organized a feast at home inviting his colleagues and friends. In the presence of huge gathering, it was alleged that there was a halt, as Yamba (Eugene’s father) stood up, and told Eugene that the feast was organized purposely for him to be forcefully initiated into the Poro society. Eyewitness said, Eugene was taken to the Poro shrine where they forcefully initiated him despite his protest and resistance.

Many villagers according to many, flee to the nearby bush in fear of them being forcefully captured and Initiated in the society at night.
The escapee of Eugene Cole was reported that, he has inter earlier explained to his father the reason he was defiant to join the Poro society.

Eugene, many say had been singled as the appropriable successor of his father as supreme controller of the Poro society in that part of the country.
An elder, Pa Sorie Kamara from Yoni Bana village explained to this medium that, Eugene Cole had inter earlier explained to his father that, he want to further his education and become a pastor in the future.

Pa Kamara stated that Eugene’s father vehemently denied his son’s demand and vowed that his son should become his predecessor.
Furthermore, members of the Poro society has threaten to continue with the search to capture Eugene Cole in fear of exposing their society in public domain.

Moreover, sources claimed that Eugene Cole has traveled to freetown in fear of him being killed by members of the Poro society.But unfortunately the poro society is a very wide entity with influential membership and there is all possibility that Eugene Cole will be captured in freetown .
Meanwhile Eugene Cole is nowhere to be found.


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