Praise for Sierra Leone’s Commitment to Constitutional Values Amid Uprising Response


By Tony Morgan

The recent handling of the attempted coup on November 26th in Sierra Leone has drawn commendation for the government’s steadfast commitment to constitutional principles. Rather than pursuing a retaliatory pursuit of suspects, authorities have opted for a meticulous, evidence-based investigation. This approach not only underscores the values of justice and due process but also establishes a progressive precedent for future governance.

Amid this critical juncture, it is crucial to acknowledge the gravity of misprision of treason, a legal term denoting the intentional concealment or failure to report knowledge of treasonous acts. Treason itself encompasses actions that undermine a nation’s security or sovereignty.

Those who knowingly withheld information pertaining to the attempted coup will be held accountable, irrespective of their position, and charged with treason. This decisive action underscores the principle that all individuals are subject to the law, emphasizing the government’s commitment to safeguarding national security and upholding constitutional integrity.

The response by the incumbent president and Sierra Leonean government to this upheaval demonstrates a responsible and principled stance. Their unwavering dedication to the rule of law during this challenging period merits applause and stands as an exemplar for future generations, showcasing a commitment to upholding constitutional values in the face of adversity.

SOURCEBy Tony Morgan
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