President Bio Applauds Brewery’s Commitment to Local Farmers, Promises Gov’t Support

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The new management team of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) convened with President Dr. Julius Maada Bio at State House, Freetown, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, signaling a fresh chapter in the company’s longstanding presence in the country.

Led by Managing Director, Ayokunle J. Owoniyi, Corporate Affairs Manager, Foday Daboh and the Legal Officer and Company Secretary, the delegation expressed gratitude to President Bio for the opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to Sierra Leone’s development.  Foday Daboh highlighted SLBL’s nearly six-decade history in the nation, emphasizing its resilience through various socio-economic climates.

During the meeting, he underscored SLBL’s significant contributions to the local economy, including the employment of over 500 Sierra Leoneans and support for more than 200 local sorghum farms and suppliers. He urged the Government to consider adjusting excise taxes to safeguard local farmers’ interests.

Ayokunle J Owoniyi reiterated SLBL’s dedication to corporate responsibility, aligning with the Government’s agenda for national progress. He emphasized the company’s reliance on Heineken International for continuous support and lauded President Bio’s commitment to protecting private investments.

Ludovic Auvray, Managing Director of North and East Africa for Heineken International, echoed SLBL’s commitment to sustainability and local empowerment, pledging to enhance sorghum cultivation in the country.

In response, President Bio commended SLBL’s enduring presence and collaboration with local farmers, aligning with his administration’s Feed Salone Initiative. He assured the company of ongoing Government support, emphasizing the importance of fostering a conducive business environment and safeguarding the interests of local stakeholders.

The meeting concluded with mutual assurances of cooperation, underscoring a shared commitment to advancing Sierra Leone’s economic prosperity and social welfare.

President Bio reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to fostering a favorable business environment and protecting the interests of both private investors and local communities, ensuring a sustainable path towards national development.


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