President Bio Appoints Yulisa Ahmadu as Youth Envoy to Serve as Representative & Advocate  

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

A very influential youthful personality, Yulisa Ahmadu, has been appointed by His Excellency the President, Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio, on the 25th May, 2023,  to serve as Youth Envoy with specific mandate to be the representative and advocate for the voices and interest of the Youth of Sierra Leone.

Up to the time of his appointment, Yulisa’s ideas and activities have so immensely contributed to the advancement of various worthy causes related to young people in and out of the country to an extent that he gained both internal and international recognition, bagging different awards and hearty commendations for his active roles in positively driving socio-economic interventions and programmes to meaningfully impact the lives of young people in and out of the country.

In the performance of his responsibility, he is expected, as Youth Envoy, to effectively address the needs and aspirations of the country’s youths, promote their participation in decision-making processes and empower them to contribute to the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone.

He is now considered to be a global advocate for the Youth of Sierra Leone, granting them access to opportunities in Technology, STEM, Grants, Scholarships, participation in seminars and to promote Sierra Leonean young talents worldwide.

From time to time , he will be advising the President, the Minister of Youth and other related Government departments on Youth matters as well as to be the Voice of Youths at the UN, AU and other Youth Affairs seminars and meetings globally.

The newly appointed Youth Envoy will also, from time to time, carry out other duties assigned to him by His Excellency the President either directly or through the Minister of Youth Affairs.

Sierra Leone’s new Youth Envoy, Yulisa Ahmadu, is a Multimedia Content Producer, Owner of the Brand Yulisa & Co, Artist Manager for Sierra Leone’s top musician Emmerson and a Communications Professional.

Yulisa uses Digital Media to promote Entrepreneurship (, Business as an Entertainment Executive and constantly sharing his views on Relationship matters which are highly regarded by his followers worldwide.

He is a recipient of the ‘50 Most Influential Young Sierra Leoneans Award’, an honorary recognition from the Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. He’s a Highly Respected Youth Activist who was recently honored by the Ministry of Youths and a Non-Profit Youth Organization as ‘Youth Ambassador’ in Sierra Leone for outstanding contributions in promoting Youth affairs in the country.

He is also a Radio and TV personality, most popularly known for his Love program, “The Dr. Love Show” and is the brand Influencer for BnB Remittance Corporation in Sierra Leone.

He has a wealth of experience of over 10 years as a broadcasting personality on various shows and radio stations including: AIRadio (Afri Radio), Star Radio, AYV to name a few with an extensive background in digital marketing, content production, strategic communications and marketing.

It must be noted that the Youth constitute an important segment of the population as they are not only in the majority but their physical and mental contributions in driving change and development within any nation cannot in any way be underestimated.

Their voices are very significant in decision-making processes; they are the brains behind technological and innovative changes and above all are the future leaders whom the older generation will inevitably give way to.

Creating opportunities for young people to advance themselves and make meaningful contributions for young people are important gains which any serious minded and development-focused Government should endeavour to accomplish through various means.

In trying to drive development, through youth empowerment, there is every need for Government to bring on board influential stakeholders that will provide leadership and galvanize young people to be very productive.

It was within that context that President Julius Maada Bio saw the need to appoint, Yulisa Ahmadu, as someone who has distinguished himself with proven track record of championing youth affairs  and in advancing issues related to young people by way of seeking for opportunities to give young people the need space and abilities to better themselves and contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the nation.


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