Public Notice


The Konte and Marah Families wish to inform the general public that come December 18th this year there will be a special prayer and memorial service for the late Momoh Kemoh Konte, Alakuma Konte and Saio Marah. The memorial service will be held at the University Complex in Kabala and will be followed by Quranic recitation /reading and briefing by the families of the late men. This special program is championed by Mohamed Konte, also known as Short Boy, who has thought it fit to organize this all important event in honor and remembrance of the late man and his two brothers who met their untimely death whilst on their way to Freetown.

Sympathizers, Friends, and close ones can contact Mr. Mohamed Konte on the following numbers for any information.

Or WhatsApp this Number: 0013015836203

Thank you all..




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