QNET Engages West African Journalists to Address Scam Allegations and Set the Record Straight

By Amin Kef Sesay

In a bid to address allegations and misconceptions about its operations, QNET, a leading lifestyle and wellness direct selling company, held a roundtable discussion with journalists from Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at the Amari Hotel on the Penang Island in Malaysia.

The discussion, which was attended by top QNET officials including Ramya Chandrasekaran, Group Chief Communications Officer QI Group, Trevor Kuna, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Biram Fall, Regional General Manager SSA, Malou Caluza, Deputy Chairperson, and Nikhil Patel, Chief Legal Officer, provided an opportunity for the journalists to ask questions about QNET’s activities in their respective countries.

The roundtable was convened as part of the on-going media visitation to the head office of QNET and participation in this year’s V-Conference, QNET’s headline Conference that brings its independent representatives together from different parts of the world.

QNET officials used the opportunity to clarify issues on the allegations of fraudulent travel and education schemes in Sierra Leone, purportedly linked to the company.

Biram Fall, Regional General Manager SSA, emphasized that QNET has a zero-tolerance policy towards any independent representatives who flout its ethical marketing policy. He said punitive actions, including immediate suspension, termination, and legal action, would be applied if any of them is found misrepresenting the company. He clarified that QNET does not offer employment, guaranteed returns, investment opportunities, travel assistance related to immigration, or scholarships in exchange for payment. QNET does not involve itself in any of these.

Ramya Chandrasekaran, Group Chief Communications Officer, pledged the company’s commitment to collaborating with Sierra Leone authorities to weed out criminals posing as QNET employees.

Trevor Kuna, Chief Transformation and Reputation Officer, reiterated that QNET has been selling high-quality health, wellness, and lifestyle products since 1998. He explained that QNET offers a direct selling business opportunity to customers who wish to become distributors of their products, referred to as Independent Representatives.

Nikhil Patel, Chief Legal Officer, said that in the past six months, many legal cases have been filed against a number of people and independent representatives across West Africa to seek redress on issues and allegations of misrepresentation and scam. This, he said, is part of the company’s commitment to rebuild its reputation as a brand that upholds integrity, ethical marketing, and international best practices.

Malou Caluza, Deputy Chairperson, QNET, emphasized the company’s commitment to conducting its business in Sierra Leone in compliance with all local laws and regulations. She also stated that QNET does not offer any product related to travel assistance with immigration service or overseas jobs in exchange for payment.

Over the last 25 years, QNET has been on a mission to touch a billion hearts, driven by the core philosophy of RYTHM — Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. The company is committed to providing high-quality products that allow people to live healthier, more holistic lives; supporting micro-entrepreneurship in emerging economies; and helping underserved communities by investing in people and equipping them with the tools they need to rise above their circumstances.


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