QNET’s Financial Literacy Impact Video Earns Gold at MarCom 2023

QNET wins 3 awards at 2023 Marcomm Awards
QNET wins 3 awards at 2023 Marcomm Awards

Accra, Ghana. 17 January, 2024 – QNET’s insightful YouTube video showcasing the impact of its financial literacy programme, Fingreen, has been honoured with three prestigious gold award at the 2023 MarCom Awards. Titled “FinGreen: Seeding Financial Literacy for a Brighter Future,” the video shines a light on QNET’s FinGreen initiative, a peer-to-peer educational program designed to improve financial understanding in underprivileged communities.

The video opens with a striking statistic: only one in three adults worldwide possess financial literacy. It then elaborates on how FinGreen contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by addressing inequality and promoting decent work and economic growth opportunities.

“FinGreen is tailored for women and youth in emerging economies, “says Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET. “Historically, women have had limited access to financial services compared to men. Although mobile banking and payment platforms have recently improved accessibility, many still lack the essential knowledge for making informed financial decisions.”

According to experts at the International Federation of Accountants, individuals who lack financial literacy are more vulnerable to fraud, less likely to save their money, more likely to have a large amount of debt, and are at a higher risk of bankruptcy.

Ms. Abass Bushira, a young woman leading an agricultural venture testified: “The FinGreen training felt like it was designed with me in mind. The curriculum covered topics such as budgeting, investment strategies, debt management, banking, financial planning and others.”

Launched initially in Turkey and Nigeria in 2022, and expanded to Ghana in 2023, FinGreen primarily targets women and youth in developing regions. The FinGreen programme partners with local experts to assess and identify underserved communities that could most benefit from greater education and inclusion. In Ghana, more than one thousand young people and women were trained in the cities of Accra and Ho.

According to Michael Andoh, a student of Accra Technical University, “I have learnt how to achieve personal financial discipline and how to carefully prepare a simple budget for my personal expenses.”

Caluza believes the MarCom award underscores the video’s success in communicating FinGreen’s mission of individual empowerment for community upliftment.

The MarCom Awards is a premier international creative competition.FinGreen: Seeding Financial Literacy for a Brighter Future was one of 6,500 entries from more than 47 countries submitted this year. The video clinched a gold trophy for outstanding achievement.

Encouraged by FinGreen’s success in Nigeria, Ghana, and Turkey with more than 3200 people empowered, QNET will soon expand the programme to Morocco. Readers can view the winning video here or learn more about FinGreen here.


About QNET

QNET is a prominent lifestyle and wellness company that uses a direct selling business model to offer a wide selection of exclusive products that enable individuals to embrace a healthier, more balanced life. Established in 1998, QNET marks 25 years of making an impact around the world through its product offerings and e-commerce-powered business model, in 2023.

QNET proudly holds memberships in the Direct Selling Association in several countries, the Hong Kong Health Food Association, the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, and more. QNET is also active in several global sports sponsorships including in its role as the official direct selling partner of the Manchester City Football Club and the Confederation of African Football (CAF), underscoring its commitment to excellence and global reach.

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