RCBank Officially Unveils Cutting-Edge Automated Teller Machine at Leicester Junction

Rokel Commercial Bank has made history by becoming the first bank to introduce modern banking services in the Mountain Rural District of the Western Area. A momentous ceremony unfolded on Monday, November 6, 2022, at Leicester Junction, adjacent to Peak Energy Gas Station, as the bank officially unveiled a cutting-edge Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

The Leicester event drew the presence of numerous distinguished figures, including the Bank’s Managing Director, Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin, whose visionary leadership has been a driving force behind this transformative endeavor.

In a brief, yet inspiring address, Dr. Gilpin emphasized the Bank’s commitment to financial inclusion, stating, “As a bank, we have a mantra… everyone must have access to financial services. What you are witnessing here today is part of our drive to ensure everyone has equal opportunity and equal access to finance, and these ATMs are our financial access points.”

The new ATM, which will operate in conjunction with an Agency Banking facility, the Rokel Simkorpor Kiosk, represents a pivotal step in the Bank’s ambitious plan to install over 35 ATMs nationwide. This initiative stands as the largest-ever deployment of ATMs by a single bank in Sierra Leone and is a central component of RCBank’s Electronic Banking expansion program. The overarching goal is to increase its customer base and foster greater financial inclusion.

Dr. Gilpin further expounded, “In life, everyone must have a vision, a dream whose actualization is driven by effort. We are changing the narrative about our country. We will showcase it as a progressive, digital, and modern nation where you can easily access financial services and conduct your business.”

The Manager of Peak Energy, local authorities, and senior staff members of Rokel Commercial Bank all made significant contributions during the momentous launch event.


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