Reclaiming the Bar: Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah Declares Presidential Candidacy for Sierra Leone Bar

In a bid to restore the integrity and purpose of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah, a seasoned legal practitioner, human rights defender, and pro-democracy activist, has announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Bar. Marrah, who was called to the Sierra Leone Bar in October 2009, aims to reclaim the Bar from what he perceives as capture and neglect, asserting that the legal industry’s shortcomings were central to the nation’s past turmoil.

“The regrettable omissions and commissions of the legal industry were at the core of the cause of the national tragedy that befell our country for over a decade,” Marrah stated. “Unfortunately, such negligence of justice has emerged. This is worrisome. The promise of justice on the nation’s coat of arms remains unfulfilled.”

With a distinguished career marked by commitment to justice and the rule of law, he distinguishes himself from other candidates. Serving in various capacities within the legal sphere, including as Secretary of the General Legal Council and Coordinator of the General Legal Council Law Journal, Marrah has consistently advocated for justice and constitutionalism.

“My devotion to justice and the rule of law has been tried but not extinguished,” Marrah emphasized. “My voice on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone interrupted but not silenced. I have shown over and again that the law is supreme, second to none.”

His vision for the Bar presidency revolves around repositioning the Bar as a defender of the people’s rights and liberties, independent of partisan influence. “Under my leadership, the bar will always stand in the middle aisle defending the people against the excesses of Government and ensuring that the constitution and not the whims and preferences of a group of people or party reign supreme,” he asserted.

Furthermore, Marrah’s leadership would prioritize the welfare of Bar members and strive to expand access to justice across Sierra Leone. “My leadership will ensure that opportunities for lawyers are expanded and all facilities to enhance legal practice are introduced,” he affirmed.

In calling for support from fellow legal professionals, Marrah urged unity in the endeavor to reclaim the Bar. “Colleagues, I call on all of you to join me in the quest to reclaim the Bar,” he declared. “The Bar will not be free if it is left at the mercy seat of politics. This is why we must take it back.”

Marrah concluded his announcement by rallying for votes during the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 17th, 2024, expressing confidence in the possibility of reclaiming the Bar and restoring its dignity as the oldest Bar Association in sub-Saharan Africa.


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