Renowned Sierra Leonean Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Ali Nahim Passes Away


The medical community of Sierra Leone mourns the death of one of its most esteemed members, Dr. Edward Ali Nahim, who passed away on January 1, 2024 at the age of 79. A beacon of hope in the field of mental health care, Dr. Nahim’s commitment to his country and profession has left an enduring legacy.

Born in Port Loko on December 12, 1944, Dr. Nahim’s journey from the vibrant northern communities of Sierra Leone to the forefront of psychiatry is a testament to his dedication and resolve. His academic endeavors took him from the classrooms of Church of England School in Pepel and Schlenker Secondary School to the halls of a Soviet university, where he earned his MD in 1972.

Upon returning home, Dr. Nahim joined the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, initiating a lifelong pursuit to improve mental health services in Sierra Leone. His expertise deepened with a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the UK, and he served as the sole consultant psychiatrist in the early stages of his career, facing formidable challenges with unyielding perseverance.

Dr. Nahim’s work became particularly crucial during the harrowing years of the civil war, where he not only treated those suffering from mental illness but also played a vital role in the demobilization and rehabilitation of child soldiers.

Despite retiring, Dr. Nahim’s passion never waned as he continued to lecture and consult, shaping the future of psychiatry in Sierra Leone. He was a strong advocate for better funding, training, and facilities for psychiatric care throughout his over 35-year career.

The late psychiatrist’s dedication to serving without charge and his advocacy for more government support are hallmarks of his career that transformed the psychiatric landscape in Sierra Leone. Dr. Nahim’s unwavering commitment to his patients and his profession will be deeply missed.

As we bid farewell to a man who dedicated his life to the service of others, our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues, and the many lives he touched. Dr. Edward Ali Nahim’s legacy will continue to inspire and influence the field of mental health care in Sierra Leone for generations to come.



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