Residents of Lungi Extend Gratitude to Westminster for Lockdown Support

Disable Community at Lungi receiving their own gifts from Westminster

By Fatmata Jengbe

The people of Lungi Community have commended the Westminster Group for the food support they received before the lockdown. In an online message from the Chief Executive Officer, Peter Fowler, in London he said the Westminster Group wishes to extend their sincere thoughts and prayers to the people and the Government of Sierra Leone as they begin the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has affected so many countries around the world.

“As a company we have been operating in Sierra Leone providing security at the airport for the past 8 years and I know the resilience and determination of the Sierra Leonean people and that you will triumph over this challenge. We are committed to the country and its people and we stand ready to play our part and do what we can to support the Government, our employees and our communities, just as we did during the Ebola crisis.”

Fowler said despite the temporary closure of the Freetown International Airport, which will have a severe impact on their business they have taken a Management decision to retain all their local employees on full pay for as long as possible. This, he said, will lessen the economic burden on families in that community.

In addition, before the lockdown on Friday 3rd April 2020 they donated 100 bags of rice, 100 bags of sugar and packs of water to the community they are operating. These commodities, the CEO said, will be used to help support vulnerable homes during the lockdown.

“We pray that the challenges we all face with this pandemic will be over soon and that life can return back to normal for everyone, here in Sierra Leone and the rest of the world.”

The Disable Community in Lungi was one such group that benefitted from the Westminster gift and they said they were happy for the gift as it came at the right time when they were in need of food.

They said Westminster has been working at the airport for the past eight years and they have been supporting the Lungi community. Most of their staff are employed from the community and they are very happy that they have not let down the community.

The Community elders were happy that Westminster did not forget them as they say the food supply came at the right time when they are going into lockdown as they will have enough to eat. They thanked Westminster and pray for them to continue to work in the airport as since they started working there their relationship has been very cordial and they have employed many of their children.

The Operations Director of Westminster, Musayeroh Barrie, said they are happy that the CEO has thought of all the staff at this time and she is very pleased that most of the gifts given were well accepted by the people and they gave them the food together with instructions on how they should stay safe during the lock down and they must make sure that what happened during the Ebola outbreak do not repeat.

She thanked the Westminster for their valuable support and said the staffs are happy as they are still having their salaries and their jobs as they are hoping that very soon the virus will be a thing of the past.

Miss Barrie averred that there are still emergency flights coming in and they are making sure they have all the necessary support and they hope that the strides Government is making will see very limited cases in the country.


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