Robin Faley Shakes APC …And preaches Politics of truth at AYV on Sunday

Hon. Robin Faley, who is popularly known as “Political Robinho”

By Amin Kef Sesay

Former National Publicity Secretary 2 of the All Peoples Congress, Hon. Robin Faley, who is popularly known as “Political Robinho” has called on the leadership and National Executive of the APC to heed to critical voices within the party that are calling for reforms because they are genuine and true stalwarts of the party.

Robin Faley told Sierra Leoneans through the AYV on Sunday Program that the recent concern raised by Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and others relating for changes of the Executive members of the APC Party  should be seen as a genuine concern that will move the party forward.

He expressed the view that the current administration should give way to new faces to take over the leadership of the party if they want the party to take power come 2023. This, he said, should be seen as genuine concern that will take the party to victory. Robin Faley reiterated that APC now needs radical reformation which will be of great importance to the entire membership.

“We need radical reforms within the party and this calls for respect and tolerance of genuine criticisms by certain members,’’ Hon. Faley stated.

Addressing the issue of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Hon. Faley pointed out that the NRM is also fighting a genuine cause and that the party should embrace all critical voices and honest people who want nothing other than good and betterment for the party and the entire nation.

“Looking down low on critical voices is like destroying the chances of the party come 2023 when elections are to be conducted”, the astute political thinker stated.

The APC ,he underscored, is in dire need of national reforms, starting from ward level up to the national level saying that should be the dream of all APC members who want the betterment of the party.

Faley also humbly appealed to his former boss, Ernest Bai Koroma, someone that he served for nearly a decade with commitment, sincerity, loyalty and selflessly, to respectfully go now and retire from mainstream party politics in his best interest, the interest of his family, the APC and above all in the best interest of sustainable peace and stability in the country.

Faley, who is the newly crowned Julius Malema of Sierra Leone bravely called on EBK saying “COMMOT DAE, NOR MAKE TRANGA YASE”.
According to certain individuals who watched the program they told this medium that they are in sync with his assertion.

“Robin Faley is doing a good job. He deserves a platform. If it happens to be our forum as a spring board – so be it. Robin has won a place in our hearts. He’s not a two faced hypocrite. He’s opened up. Come out of the closet. He is uniquely positioned to be the running mate. He is making his bid now by throwing the dice. It’s up to the NRM to support him or not,” one of them opined.

“Robinho can hold his own against anyone else from his regional conclave who wants to pitch his/her popularity against such a fine political activist. His agility and ability are finely honed and attuned to both issues and people sensitivity. I’ll support Robin Faley any time of the day or nite. Let’s not ask for our own to go forge another platform for his bid.

Robinho’s agenda is altruistically for God and Country! A journey of a thousand miles – begin with the first step. Go Robinho you have my personal stamp of approval,” Mohamed Koroma a resident of Kailahun District registered his loyalty and support.


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