Rokel Commercial Bank Takes Banking Nationwide

Managing Director, Dr. Dayoh Gilpin

By Amin Kef Sesay

Rokel Commercial Bank has taken a leap forward in the banking industry with a highly motivated staff and an innovative Managing Director, Dr. Gilpin, thereby improving on its customer service on a regular basis.

Rokel Commercial Bank is no doubt the Bank of Choice that enhances customer satisfaction, brand visibility, corporate social responsibility and other patriotic moves.

After the war, the Bank was struggling to get its bearing and had some challenges along the way until some two years ago when a former employee of the bank in the person of Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin was appointed as the Managing Director of the Bank. Owing to his enormous experience in managing banking institutions, Dr. Gilpin, put modalities in place to restructure the bank.

From that time and henceforth, RCB has introduced new innovative products to suit the needs of its esteemed customer and at the same time opened new branches in the country to hitherto unknown areas.

Since its inception, the Bank has not renege in rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility as it continues to provide assistance to communities and the country at large.

In a bid to empower the informal sector, the Bank has introduced a ‘Keke’ Account to encourage large number of commercial tricycle riders, bike riders and other local business people to invest in profitable businesses that will improve their lives and create jobs for many.

In continuation of their strides to empower the informal sector, the Bank introduced the ‘OSUSU’ account to encourage Petty Traders to start the culture of saving with the bank. Another innovative service introduced by the Bank is the ‘Swag Account’ for students to do savings for their educational purpose.

RCB also introduced a laudable ‘Sim Korpor’ which gives an array of after sales service to customers. This service has provided customers with the opportunity to access their accounts through their mobile phones. This is a unique banking service as it has greatly help to improve the rate of transactions, one RCB Customers maintained.

The service enables customers to collect money from any of the Bank’s outlets, even after the Bank has been closed. Many Sierra Leoneans and business people have come to bank with Rokel Commercial Bank, because of its reliability and it is here to stay.

In a bid to reach to the doorstep of its customers, the Bank has opened various outlets in the country including Bonthe, FBC, Wilberforce Barracks and many other places. It is crystal clear that people prefer to do business with RCB because of its reliability and sustainability.

Under the resourceful Managing Director, Dr. Ekundayo Gilpin, he has catapulted the institution from a liability to a profit-making one.



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