Royal Navy Warship, HMS Trent, Strengthens Maritime Cooperation with Sierra Leone

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a significant display of international maritime cooperation, the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces’ Maritime Wing (RSLAF MW) welcomed the Royal Navy warship, HMS Trent (P224), to the Queen Elizabeth II Quay pier on Tuesday, August 29, 2023.

Dignitaries including the UK’s High Commissioner to Sierra Leone and the Defence Attaché joined the RSLAF MW Commander for a warm reception aboard HMS Trent.

Commander Tim D. Langford, the Captain of HMS Trent, expressed his enthusiasm about visiting Sierra Leone and extended his crew’s commitment to assisting RSLAF MW in their maritime endeavors.

On his part, Captain Navy HJ Conteh, Deputy Commander of the Maritime Wing, conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Defense for the ship’s warm welcome.

On the following day, Wednesday, August 30, 2023, crew members from HMS Trent (P224) embarked on a visit to the Maritime Wing Base at Murry Town. The visit included a tour of the offshore patrol vessel PB 106 (Madam Yoko).

Royal Navy engineers provided essential maintenance support for MW’s outboard machines at the marina maintenance bay. Commander Tim D. Langford and his team also engaged in discussions at the Joint Maritime Committee in Murry Town. The Joint Operations Center (JOC) meeting focused on enhancing maritime security in Sierra Leone and exploring how HMS Trent (P224) could assist in combating piracy within Sierra Leone’s waters. Notably, the discussions revealed a lack of anti-piracy laws in Sierra Leone, hindering the prosecution of captured pirates.

HMS Trent (P224) is currently deployed in West Africa to provide training and support to countries in the region. Their mission encompasses combating maritime crimes, including piracy and counter-narcotics efforts. Sierra Leone is the latest stop on their deployment, having previously visited The Gambia and Cape Verde.

This visit underscores the commitment of the Royal Navy and Sierra Leone to collaborate in enhancing maritime security and strengthening regional partnerships against maritime threats.


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