Saidu Mansaray, Newly Designated CEO, Aims to Infuse Growth Initiatives in NP (SL) Ltd

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NP (SL) Ltd, Saidu Mansaray, brings charisma, hard work and ambition to his new role, backed by a wealth of managerial expertise. The new CEO, who previously served as the General Manager of Sierra Leone’s leading petroleum marketing company, joined NP (SL) Ltd in 2001. Starting as an Accounts Clerk, he rose through the ranks, demonstrating integrity and dedication, ultimately becoming the Finance Manager before his promotion to General Manager in 2022.

Educated at St Francis Boys School in the North and holding a degree in Accounting, he is also a professional Chartered Accountant and Business Administrator. His impressive trajectory within the company underscores his managerial prowess and deep understanding of the petroleum industry.

As the CEO, Saidu Mansaray has underscored NP (SL) Ltd’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. “Nothing brings us maximum fulfillment more than making our customers smile. We cherish the satisfaction of our esteemed customers, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that they can count on us for their fuel needs,” he stated. Reassuring customers further, he added, “We appreciate you for buying our products and sticking with us all year round. We will continue to provide for your fuel needs through and through.”

Saidu Mansaray also plans to tackle emerging issues through innovation and digitization, aiming to make customer transactions more seamless. He emphasized his collaborative leadership style, highlighting the importance of engaging with people, listening to their ideas, and working together. He noted that the company values both its internal (staff) and external customers, stressing that satisfying external customers is impossible without first meeting the needs of internal ones.

One of his first notable actions as CEO was leading his Management team to meet with Dr. Brima M. Baluwa Koroma, the Executive Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), on June 3, 2024. That visit aimed to establish a strong, collaborative relationship between NP (SL) Ltd and the regulatory agency. During the meeting, he expressed gratitude for the PRA’s crucial role in regulating the petroleum industry and reiterated NP’s commitment to operating at the highest standards. He also expressed a keen interest in working with the PRA to ensure the smooth distribution of petroleum products across the country.

With Saidu Mansaray at the helm, it is expected that NP (SL) Ltd will continue to lead the petroleum sector in Sierra Leone, maintaining its reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.


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