Samson Yankutay Samura In Big Trouble

Samson Yankutay Samura In Big Trouble

By Mohamed Kamara

One artist, Samson Yankutay Samura, has find himself in big trouble after his father, Mr. Yankutay Samura disowned him for abandoning the Islamic religion and converted to the Christian faith.

The whole problem started after Samson’s sister, Fatu Samura, fell in love with a Christian fellow, Mohamed Conteh.

Conteh later invited his fiancée (Fatu) to join them in a Sunday service at their Church which she honoured. She finally decided to convert to the Christian religion after being convinced that it is the right religion to associate with. When her father knew about that, he became angry and decided to ask her out of his house.

Family sources say, Fatu left her father’s house after several attempts to convince the dad failed.

In late 2014, when the Ebola outbreak struck the country, both the mother, Yeanoh Samura and Fatu were quarantined after a member of their house was infected. Few days later both the mother and daughter died.

Few weeks later, family sources say Samson had a dream. In the dream, he saw his late sister (Fatu Samura) who took him to the mountain and showed him the Cross.

Samson explained the dream to his father the following day,who became very angry. His step mother, Matta Kallon, intervened by supporting her husband’s decision against Samson.

Later, Samson started reading the Bible and other Godly related books which resulted to him converting to Christianity even though his father is an Islamic scholar and herbalist in the community.

The eldest son in the family, Amidu Samura, told this medium that Samson engaged his neighbour, Rev. Adekule King and explained his situation to him. The Man of God persuaded him to join Christianity which did not go down well with Samson’s father.

The Uncle said, his step mother, who was also not comfortable with Samson’s decision, backed her husband’s action.

Samson’s father told family members that henceforth he will not take care of his educational expenditure in addition to disowning Samson.

“The dad finally drove Samson from his house for taking a decision that he thought was completely against his religion,” Uncle Mohamed said. Samson decided to stay with some friends at Zara Lane, Portee in the East End part of the city before finally going into music.

Samson’s friends, who are musicians and Christians, decided to take him to the Church on Sundays where he became interested in rap music.

He later began writing political songs focusing on bad governance and the sufferings of the people which did not go down well with members of the then opposition SLPP and now governing the country.

A civil society activist, Charles Tunkara said when the situation became tough for Samson, he narrated his ordeal to one member of the Apostolic Church who decided to come to his aid.

Whiles there, he released his first song titled “Vote for the right man”. He also released his second music titled “Tar Mem Kor” meaning Let Us Try Him. The songs were made in favour of the 2018 APC Presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara. These songs increased his popularity in the country.

The CSO said those songs put Samson in trouble as the then opposition SLPP now governing the country said he was singing against their party.

The civil society activist disclosed that Samson’s life came under serious threat especially leading to the March 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections by SLPP members.

He said after his friend returned home from the United Kingdom, he decided to take them out to get fun and drink.

Returning home that night, the UK friend decided to romance with Samson and started making love to each other contrary to the laws of this country. He only came to his senses in the morning and an argument ensued between them. He informed his friend that such an act is a serious offence in the country but his UK friend convinced him to make it silent, stressing that such an act is common in the UK. Since then the two continued dating each other on the condition that he will sponsor his education.

In December 2019, he released his third music in the presence of his UK friend.

Samson’s situation became worst when his father died on the 15th January 2020 in Freetown.

After the burial, a family meeting was called but his step mother and her group did not allow Samson to make a statement which did not go down well with other family members.

Sources say, one night, his step mother met Samson and his male friend making love and she immediately raised an alarm. His step mother reported the matter to the Police for investigation and prosecution.

Because of this development, the whereabouts of Samson is yet unknown.


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