Santigie Dumbuya face threats, Intimidation and Harassment…

Santigie Dumbuya.jpg
The missing Santigie Dumbuya

By Karifa Thoronka

A young Human rights defender and political activists working with Citizen Rights network in Sierra Leone Santigie Dumbuya, has faced serious political threat, intimidation and harassment. The media continues to receive reports of harassment, and threat against human right activists and social communicators, in many of these cases, the source of the threat is unknown, but may result to failing to keep to manifestos by the running government.

In May 2019, a judge ordered the arrest of Santigie Dumbuya, worker at one of the popular and indigenous human rights organization in Sierra Leone, who was pending trial for charges related to protest against the government for not keeping to their manifestos. The Government warned during the weeks leading up to the protest, which was announced that anyone joined would be punished for inciting violence and attempting to return the Country to civil war, police arrested several demonstrators, including journalist and human rights activists.

Speaking with Santigie Dumbuya, he noted by saying that when he was in custody with some unidentified group of residents at the criminal investigation office, he told the police officers that he will not bow to intimidation by the authorities, and he will continue to fight for the ordinary citizens. In addition, the police said he has insulted the judiciary and encouraging people to go against the government, ‘’I was brutally taken to the prison without any further questioning’’ he says.

This medium is still following up the release of Santigie Dumbuya but since after Wednesday 29 April 2020 when the fire incidence at the Pademba prison, which they stated it was a failed attempt to escape from prison by some of the inmates, we have been searching for Santigie to know how he is doing but to no avail.

Unconfirmed source from one of his relative Isatu Dumbuya revealed to this media that Santigie got missing some months ago, and Santigie Dumbuya is wanted by the government of Sierra Leone to face the law of the Land.



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