Secret Society Members Mount Man-Hunt For Muctarr King


By Thaimu Thullah

Investigations mounted by this medium has revealed that a young man by the name of Muctarr King of 3 May street, Yelleh village in the Tonkolili district, northern Sierra Leone, narrowly escaped death at the hands of one of the most dreaded secret society, the ‘Poro Secret Society’, after being abducted from his family home on 20th June 2022. And there are reliable information that he is still being hunted by the members, who have threatened to kill him.

According to our source, Muctarr King had returned from Freetown, where he was living, to his village in Yelleh, to attend a family funeral.

lost his late father, Mr Abdul King, who was a senior member of the Poro Society died on the 16 February 2019, as the only son of his Father he was expected to be initiated to take his father’s place as leader and also prepared for the chieftaincy title, which his father held. Thus, immediately after the 40th day ceremony of his late father in the village, members of the Poro Society approached him on the issue for the second time, but he told them he will think over it.

On his return to Freetown he failed to contact them, as a result, they sent some of their members to Freetown to remind him about the issue. During their engagement, it was disclosed that Muctarr rejected their proposal. The members then returned to the village and relayed his message to the society. His refusal to replace his father and go through the initiation rites, angered the members.

Unfortunately for him, our source continued, Muctarr, on 20 June 2022, returned to attend a family burial at their village, and later decided, as the day was far spent, to pass the night at his family house in the village. As information reached the members that he was at the family house, members of the secret society, on the night of the 20th June 2022, stormed the house and forcefully took him to the society shrine in the forest, where he spent some days undergoing initiation rites and preparation to be crowned as Section Chief and head of the Secret Society. According to our source, who was also a junior member of the society, but wished anonymity, Muctarr was beaten mercilessly on the way to the shrine.

According to our source, few days later, in the dead of night, Muctarr managed to escape, and efforts by the members to find him proved futile. At this juncture, members went berserk and stormed his family house, looking for him. After searching for him in vain, they then set the house on fire. It was further revealed that some members of the family perished in the inferno, but that the wife and two kids of Muctarr managed to escape unhurt.

According to neighbours in the village, the secret society members had, on several occasions, visited homes of neighbours in search of Muctarr, and had threatened to kill anyone hiding him. They also disclosed that since the night of the 20th June 2022, when Muctarr disappeared, his whereabouts are still unknown.

Checking at his residence in Freetown, friends and neighbours also maintained that since Muctarr left for the family funeral in his village on 20th June 2022, he had not returned, and feared for his life.

As we go to press, the whereabout of Muctarr King is still unknown, and a man-hunt by the Secret Society members for him has intensified. This writer could not get the side of any of the society members, as discussing such matter is taboo.


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