Security Sector Denounces Tribal & Hate Speech

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a Press Release dated 18th June, 2023  and signed by the National Security Coordinator, Abdulai Caulker, for and on behalf of the Security Sector it was stated by the Security Sector that it is appalled by the growing spate of tribal and hate messages in the Social Media directed against certain ethnic groups of Sierra Leone adding that it believes such disgusting development could potentially undermine the peace and integrity of a country that not too long emerged from a brutal civil conflict.

The Security Sector continues that the  idea of some ill-motivated Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad using Social Media to record and circulate tribal messages against certain ethnic groups is self-serving, unlawful, counterproductive and not representative of the nation’s collective heritage.

It therefore states that whilst recognizing Freedom of Speech as a fundamental human right of every citizen, however, blatantly and maliciously defaming the image of any other individual and/or ethnic group does not fall within the realm of human rights and is in fact deviant.

The Security Sector says it wishes to inform all and sundry that effective immediately, anyone who is confirmed to have recorded, shared and forwarded any tribal or hate message directed against any individual or ethnic group will be committing an offence, and will therefore face the full force of the law.

It ended by maintaining that the Security Sector wants the general public to be rest assured that it is committed to providing professional security services for all Sierra Leoneans, including the maintenance of law and order in the country at all times.


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