ShikaGold College of Cosmetology, Art & Fashion Hosts 7th Graduation Ceremony

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Sierra Leone’s pioneering cosmetology institution, ShikaGold College of Cosmetology, Art & Fashion, celebrated its 7th Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024, under the theme : “Embrace Skills, Let’s Rise Together.” The ceremony, which conferred degrees in Masters in Cosmetology, Advanced Makeup, and Basic Makeup, took place at the Freetown City Council Auditorium on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.

Madam Theodora Gharbin Mensah, the Founder of ShikaGold College of Cosmetology, Art & Fashion, expressed pride in the institution’s status as Sierra Leone’s premier accredited Cosmetology College. Reflecting on the journey since its inception, she acknowledged the challenges faced but emphasized their continuous efforts to enhance their offerings and empower more women.

Theodora Mensah highlighted the College’s commitment to empowering vulnerable women, stressing the importance of acquiring skills for personal and collective advancement. From humble beginnings with just one student, the College has grown significantly, now boasting an enrollment of 980 students. This growth, she attributed to their unwavering dedication to their mission of equipping women with essential skills for self-development.

“Today, as you graduate and step into the world beyond these walls, I urge you to embrace the skills you have acquired here and let them propel you towards success. Remember that learning is a lifelong journey, and your dedication to continuous improvement will be the key to your advancement,” she urged students.

The founder added that as they rise to new heights, they should remember to uplift those around them and contribute positively to their communities. “Together, let us strive for excellence and make a difference in the world.”

She concluded by congratulating each and every one of them, wishing them a brighter future filled with endless opportunities.

Delivering her keynote address, Dr. Kadijatu Grace Kamara, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, extended heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates who have worked tirelessly to reach significant milestones in their academic and professional journey.

She said that the theme of the ceremony, “Embrace skills, Let’s Rise Together,” resonates deeply with the ethos of empowerment and growth that the esteemed institution embodies, adding that she is acutely aware of the importance of skills development in fostering individual advancement and contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation.

“I urge you all to embrace the skills you have gained at ShikaGold College, and by embracing your skills you are not only enhancing your own prospects but also contributing to the collective prosperity of our society. Whether in the field of cosmetology, art or fashion, your talents have the power to uplift and inspire others,” the Deputy Minister maintained.

She encouraged them that as they embark on the next chapter of their lives, to must remain steadfast in their  pursuit of excellence further admonishing them to let their passion drive them, their skills empower them and their determination propel them towards certain goals, remembering that success is not merely measured by individual achievements but by the positive impact they can make on the world around them.

She concluded by commending ShikaGold College for its commitment to empowering individuals through education and skills training, stating that their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering creativity is truly commendable as she applauds their efforts in shaping the future leaders of the nation.

“Finally, to the graduates, I offer my heartfelt congratulations once again. May you continue to embrace skills, rise to new heights, and make meaningful contributions to society. The journey ahead may be challenging, but I have no doubt that you possess the resilience and determination to overcome any obstacle,” he maintained.

One of the graduates, Mabinty Dumbuya, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to ShikaGold College of Cosmetology, Art & Fashion for the invaluable knowledge imparted to her throughout the course of her studies.

She emphasized that her passion for cosmetology has been a driving force for her, and enrolling at ShikaGold has truly made her dreams come true. With gratitude, she acknowledged the dedication and expertise of the College and staff who have guided her journey.

Looking ahead, Mabinty said she is determined to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired during her time at ShikaGold to empower other women in her community. She sees this graduation as not only a personal achievement but also as an opportunity to uplift and inspire others to pursue their own aspirations in the field of cosmetology.

The ceremony concluded with a sense of achievement and optimism for the future, as ShikaGold College of Cosmetology, Art & Fashion continues its mission to uplift and empower women through education and skills training.


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