Sick Babies Advocate Extolls Rokel Commercial Bank

With Donations Boxes Installed in all branches…

Charles with Baby Marian – of the several beneficiaries of his work
Donation box for sick babies are now in all Rokel Bank branches across the country

Former child soldier turned humanitarian; Ishmael Alfred Charles has come out strongly to commend the Rokel Commercial Bank over the bank’s decision to support his humanitarian work.

“Rokel had now given us the opportunity to install our donation boxes in all their branches across the country and we are very thankful. It is only people with compassionate hearts can act so promptly without protocols to help save the lives of sick and needy children,” said Ishmael Alfred Charles, a popular child health advocate who is the Programme Manager of Healy Foundation.

Charles, who has gained both national and international recognition for his remarkable successes in mobilizing resources for children indeed of specialist medical care abroad described the Rokel Commercial Bank as a “True Compassionate Sierra Leonean Bank” which has, unlike other financial institutions not ignored his request for financial assistance or other forms of collaboration for helping children with life threatening ailments like the famous Baby Marian and Baby Mariama who were both flown to India for emergency surgeries.

Charles said another thing that touched him most was the humility of the Managing Director, Dr. Walton Gilpin, whom he said was always available to see them amidst his very busy schedules. According to the young humanitarian it is not the case with some heads of financial institutions in the country.

“It is but worthy to deal with a bank that is compassionate for they will not only take care of your resources but care for the wellbeing if need be. So, bank with Rokel,” he maintained.

The revolutionary mobile application – the Rokel Simkorpor is breaking new grounds and changing lives by taking real time banking to the door steps of customers. Government workers in some remote parts of the country like Bonthe Island are now assured of receiving their monthly salaries without having to spend a huge chunk of their salaries on transport fares to access banking services in distant towns or cities. The Bank is set to launch its new customized Simkorpr kiosks at strategic locations across the country.
The Bank has considerably improved customer service, strengthened its corporate social responsibility, improved training opportunities for staff and is upgrading the IT infrastructure.


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