Sierra Leone Bar Association Must Be Vociferous on National Issues

Lawyer Sorie Sengbe Marrah

By Lawyer Sorie Sengbe Marrah

Even little Gambia’s Bar Association is weighing in on recent events bordering on governance in their nation. Our own Bar Association is busy pursuing a PhD in “see but don’t say”. The Minister of Lands is over-zealously baptizing localities with new names ; SLPP and APC are trading threats to the peace while at daggers drawn; the peace edifice is being fractured by party sycophancy; economic hardship is beating the citizens left, right and center but our Bar Association is only being a silent spectator in all these. History has it that once civilization and western education from Salone illuminated other regions of British West Africa. But now we’re receiving tutorial from countries that were once students of Mama Salone.

It is such silence that fertilizes the arrogance and intoxicates the egos of our leaders. Sadly, our Bar Association is only being a dutiful cupbearer of the poison of silence.


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