Sierra Leone Education Minister Unveils NPSE Results to the Press

Minister of Education, Alpha Timbo

By Amin Kef Sesay – 24 August 2019

The Minister of Education, Alpha Timbo, has on August 22, 2019 shared with the Press the performance of pupils  who sat to this year’s NPSE. The engagement took place during the weekly Press Conference of the Information and Communication Ministry.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Alpha Timbo stated that 619 schools wrote to this year’s NPSE exam and that a total of 136,526 pupils took the exam and out of the said total, 128,092 passed while 8,434 woefully failed. He added that, the best pupil of this year who is a female scored an aggregate of 360 by beaten the former who scored an aggregate of 354 last year.

Interestingly as stated by the Minister, he said, the best five pupils of this year are all females excluding one male who emerged the fourth position. He furthered that, Western Rural and Western Area first best three are all females and that Western Area came first due to the huge passes in English Language and according to the Minister, if not for the high increase in English Language, Western Area would have found themselves in the fifth position in terms of performance.

In terms of the general ranking of passes for this year NPSE, the Minister revealed that Western Area came first, Eastern Region came second, Northern Region came third while Southern Region came fourth.

‘’Over all, in terms of the percentage passes, last year had more passes than this year and the reason is because we instituted more measures in supervising the exam of this year than last year,’’ Alpha Timbo affirmed.

He, however, underscored that over 100 Schools did not pass the exam and that this time round they are not going to leave things to go like that but they are compiling the names of the said schools and thereafter will summon a meeting for the Head Teachers to explain the reasons behind such.

The Press conference was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Madam Mamadi Gobeh.




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