Sierra Leone Electoral Commission Releases Partial Presidential Election Results for June 24th Election

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Sierra Leone Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has announced the release of partial results for the Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Council Elections held on June 24th, on Monday 26th June 2023 at Bintumani International Conference Hall.

The ECSL conducted the elections simultaneously in compliance with Section 33 and 38A of the Constitution of Sierra Leone and Sections 7 and 68(1) of the Public Elections Act, 2022.

As the National Returning Officer, the ECSL has released partial results for the Presidential election, representing 60 percent of the total polling stations results processed in each districts. These results were cleared by the ECSL Result Management systems at Regional Tally Centres in Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Makeni, and Port Loko.

It is important to note that these results are partial and do not represent the final outcome of the election. The ECSL assures the public that the remaining results will be released in due course as the commission works tirelessly to ensure a free, fair, and transparent election process.

Names of Candidate and valid votes cast:

NDA – BAH, Mohamed Chernoh 14,820

SLPP – BIO, Julius Maada 1, 067,666

PDP – COKER, Prince 4,136

CDP -JONJO, Mohamed 1,663

UNPP – KABUTA, Saa Henry 2,865

ADP – KAKAY, lye 3,094

PLP – KAMARA. Nabieu Musa 5,149

APC – KAMARA, Matthew Wilson Kamara 793,751

PMDC- MARGAI, Charles Francis 9,621

RUFP- Sankoh Abdulia Dougakoro 4,780

NURP – SANDY, Jonathan Patrick 943

UDP – SOWA-TURAY, Mohamed 1,099

ReNIP- WILLIAMS, Beresford Victor 1,807



  1. Thank you Calabsh News paper. Even though you all are humans, and has your own likes and biases, BUT You do your BEST to stay OBJECTIVE & PROFESSIONAL because that it is the CORE of JOURNALISM..You should be TRUSTED to publish & report the NEWS ACCURATELY & TRUTHFULLY. Thank you for being GOOD PUBLIC SERVANTS. GOD BLESS & PRESERVE you and your team from ALL EVIL. 🙏

  2. I wholeheartedly concur with Madam Mariama Jabbie above. Although Journalism as an art and trade is ” Literature in a hurry” Journalist should strive to report the news and not invent the news. Unfortunately, most of the online newspapers have become commentators instead if reporting the news. Many a time when one visits a news portal you read report of things that you are directly privy to, and you are surprised as to how distorted the story was reported. When such become monotonous, you will come to suspect that the journalist or paper has no interest in reporting the fact but rather making the story to fit his narrative and intention. This has robbed most of us from getting the fact. Additional it has helped in fostering a state of fear, and misinformation, and the journalist is happy making the story and not reporting the story. Once again thank you virus much Calabash.


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