Sierra Leone Emerges Regional Champion for 2023 Arms Trade Treaty Reporting

Program Manager of the Sierra Leone Commission on Arms and Ammunition (SLeCAA), Wilphred Samuel Taylor, presented the nation’s exemplary experience in Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Reporting to the Working Group on Transparency and Reporting (WGTR)  in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, February 23, 2024 .

It must be noted that Sierra Leone, having signed and ratified the ATT on 25th September 2013 and 12th August 2014, respectively, emerged as the 43rd country to sign and among the first 50 to ratify the treaty before its entry into force on 24th December 2014.

Under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio, Sierra Leone has maintained a steadfast commitment to the ATT, consistently meeting reporting and financial obligations.

In acknowledgment of Sierra Leone’s unwavering dedication, the ATT Secretariat bestowed upon Sierra Leone the prestigious title of Regional Champion for ATT Reporting in Africa in 2023. This recognition underscores Sierra Leone’s consistent commitment, highlighted by the timely submission of the 2023 Annual Report, distinguishing it as one of only two countries to do so before the February Working Group meeting.

Wilphred Samuel Taylor, the Program Manager, underscored Sierra Leone’s adherence to Article 13 of the ATT, emphasizing the establishment of a robust legal and institutional framework supporting the process of conventional arms import data collection.

Despite challenges such as insufficient funds for ATT implementation, he assured the ATT Secretariat of Sierra Leone’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling its reporting and financial obligations under the treaty.

Established by the Second Conference of States Parties to the ATT in 2016, the WGTR plays a crucial role in aiding states in meeting their reporting obligations by providing templates, assistance instruments, and presenting draft reports to the Conference of States Parties.


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