Sierra Leone is on a Moving Train to Industrialization – Chief MinisterAsserts

The Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, has asserted that the country is on a moving train to industrialization as strides are now taking place to ensure that the country transforms its raw materials into finished goods.

He pointed out during the Sierra Leone Round Table Investment Forum in China that they visited a steel factory and engaged the leadership on how to expand in Sierra Leone. According to him, for nearly hundred there has been concentration on mining in Sierra Leone but stated how today, things are finally falling in place to kick start the country’s industrialization.

The Chief Minister intimated that President Bio is really concerned as to why the country should keep shipping bulk iron ore products when with having bauxite too Sierra Leone can locally add value to those resources.

He said a transformation of that nature is linked to the President’s investment in education. “Development takes time but our investment in human capital development was fundamental for this next step. We need all our children to get the right basic education and to transition to university, get the right skills and then contribute to this industrialization,” he posited.

The Chief Minister said Sierra Leone can’t have 40% literacy and promote industrialization hence the importance of the Free Quality School Education Program.

“We can’t sustain industrialization if we continue to import our staple foods hence the need for Feed Salone Program. Governance isn’t all about politics and one thing I remain positive about is that we are on the right governance trajectory under the right leadership. This visit to China and the engagements by our leaders has opened up the space for good investments. We are engaging as equal partners,” he expressed optimism.

President Bio, in his address, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and laid the foundation for Sierra Leone’s presence in the global economic landscape. He reiterated the purpose of his visit: to introduce Sierra Leone to the world in China, inviting investment back into the country. Acknowledging the hospitality ingrained in Sierra Leonean culture, he highlighted the nation’s status as the most peaceful in the region and the 47th most peaceful nation globally. Furthermore, the President emphasized Sierra Leone’s abundant resources, citing the mutual benefits derived from trade, especially with longstanding partners like China.

Crucially, President Bio underscored the enduring cordial business relationship between Sierra Leone and China, spanning over 50 years. He attributed this lasting partnership to Sierra Leone’s welcoming reception and investor-friendly Duty Tax free laws, setting the stage for continued collaboration and economic growth. The Round Table Investment Forum became a nexus for forging long-lasting business opportunities and fostering a stronger bond between Sierra Leone and China.

It held a strategic focus, serving as a dynamic platform to market Sierra Leone to select investors. Beyond presentations, it provided a valuable opportunity for networking, enabling potential investors and interested parties to explore business prospects in Sierra Leone. The distinguished attendees included His Excellency and the First Lady, the Minister of Trade, Finance Minister, Minister of Higher Education, Chief Minister, representatives from Sierra Leone’s private sector, general investors, and the former Ambassador of China to Sierra Leone.


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