Sierra Leone: Jamboree Consult Launches Campaign To Help News Media Go Digital

Jamboree Consult

By Abubakarr Harding

Jamboree Consult, an Information Technology, and Media Marketing company is currently helping news media in Sierra Leone to harness the power of digital media. The Sierra Leone-based company has helped several newspapers and radio stations with their online presence, thereby making their contents accessible to millions of readers worldwide.

Jamboree Consult is the first to introduce live streaming for radio stations in Sierra Leone, when it live stream Radio Democracy’s “Good Morning Sierra Leone” program. It also helped the AYV Media Empire’s radio station live stream its programme for the first time.

Jamboree Consult also made history on May 29th, 2009, when it launched the first news website,, in Sierra Leone.

Managing Director of Jamboree Consult, Murtala Mohamed Kamara said: “in this digital era, media houses must innovate or they will be forced to die.” Kamara encourages media houses to take advantage of the immense opportunities that are available online by having online presence.”

Jamboree Consult has developed several news websites, including the regional news portal: Mano Reporters: and the first arts and entertainment newspaper Among a long list of other websites it has created are:

Jamboree Consult has also developed several e-commerce websites and websites for corporate bodies. The company has also developed websites for radio stations with live streaming capabilities, podcasting and radio garden presence.

Jamboree Consult has rolled out this campaign to develop websites for newspapers at an affordable cost. The company offers to develop websites for newspapers and radio stations for an affordable amount and on installment payment basis. Its management says the package include the domain name registration, website design, customized email addresses, setting up of social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, as well as linking them with the website. The package also includes hands-on training on website updates and social media management.

The Independent Observer newspaper is the latest media house to benefit from the scheme. Please visit their website here:

This promotional offer will last till the end of September 2022.

For further enquiries, contact or Tel: +232 78 510579/99-735865.





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