Sierra Leone News: 3 Global Leadership Awards to CEO of Leisure Hotel  

Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye the Chief Executive Officer for Leisure Hotel

The Covenant Life Ministerial Organization (USA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Reconciliation, Songs and Praise/Worship Liberia INC/Sierra Leone presented three straight awards on Global Leadership  to Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye the Chief Executive Officer for Leisure Hotel Aberdeen, Kono and Kenema.

The special merit award Seal of Excellence was presented to Mr. Kokobaye on Wednesday 10th July 2019 at the hotel premises.

Apostle John Marvelous Kallon, Founder/General Overseer, National Co-ordinator Sierra Leone Global Leadership Network, said among other things that they have an eagle eye to look for people that are doing well in various fields to award them.

Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye is the first Sierra Leone to benefit from such award after presenting awards to the Nigerian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone and the President of Chambers of Commerce.

He said they found Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye on the impact he has created in leadership and business careers, as they saw him as a role model.

“We are grateful to God for a Sierra Leonean to be awarded for the very first time. We don’t give award because individuals have money or positions but we are monitoring what they do.”

He continued to say Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye’s leadership in both his business and family are very great.

“His excellent management and leadership skills are very great.”

The Africa Director Bishop, Bishop Success Hans, said Global Leadership Award is a division of Covenant Life Ministries Organisation of which he is the President.

He explained that they are looking into communities and award people that are doing well.

“We leave everything we do in this world and whatever we are doing we are watched by God or by human. We thank God for giving Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye such a position. We have come to thank him and celebrate with him. He is a great man,”he commended.

After receiving the award, Tamba Allieu-Kokobay CEO, Leisure Hotel described the day as a great one for him.

He said when he was called to send his biography he thought about it and was surprised because it was too sudden.

He thanked the team which was headed by the Bishop for the opportunity accorded to him from the Ministry and the global network worldwide.

He disclosed that Leisure Hotel is not only in Freetown but Kenema and Kono saying it gives him lot of satisfaction to serve people and communities.

“We are changing lives and making a difference,” he said adding how his interaction between him and his staff is just like a family.

“Now I know that I belong to one family. I don’t see my staff as staff but family. There is more to life than money and the care we drive.”

Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye promised to do more to impact lives.

Allieu Kokobaye, son of the CEO thanked the awardee for the award and all those that graced the presentation.

He described his father Tamba Allieu-Kokobaye as a man of principle whom he always admires.

Leisure Hotel situated at the heart of the historic Aberdeen, West of Freetown is one of the most prestigious, highly technological and well-equipped hotel in the country.



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