Sierra Leone News: High Court Delivers 296 Criminal Verdicts

Hon. Chief Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone Hon. Justice Desmond Babartunde Edwards

In a bid to fast track the wheel of justice, three High Court judges of the Judiciary of Sierra Leone, Hon. Justice Alfred Ganda in Moyamba, Hon. Justice Samuel O M Taylor in Port Loko and Hon. Justice Augustine K. Musa in Kono have completed two hundred and ninety-six (296) criminal cases ranging from murder, aggravated robbery, wounding with intent and other indictable offences.

As part of the Judiciary’s commitment in ensuring that justice is delivered not only to victims but accused persons, the Hon. Chief Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone Hon. Justice Desmond Babartunde Edwards approved the holding of a Special and Regular Criminal Sessions of the High of Court of Sierra Leone in Port Loko, Moyamba and Kono. The former commenced on the 10th and ended on 21st June, 2019 and the latter from the 24th June to the 5th July, 2019.

These judges were supervised by Justices Allan B. Halloway JSC, Alusine Sesay JSC and Ansumana Ivan Sesay JA and they completed two hundred and eleven (211) criminal cases in the Special Session and eight-five (85) in the Regular Session making it a total of two hundred and ninety-six (296) cases completed out of four hundred and six criminal cases (406) that were assigned to them.

One hundred and forty-three (143) verdicts were delivered in Port Loko, eight-two (82) in Kono and seven-one (71) in Moyamba with sixty-two (62%) conviction rate. The sessions ensured not only access to justice but expeditious trial for hundreds of persons who have been waiting trials for several months.

Community leaders including paramount Chiefs, Ward Councilors and religious leaders expressed appreciation and described the sessions as expeditious, fair and accurate.

“I have been in prison for several months without being tried and today I have been released because there is no evidence against me…I am appealing to the Hon. Chief Justice to ensure that Port Loko District which one of the biggest districts in the country has its own high court with a resident judge,” a released inmate requested.



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