Sierra Leone News: Major Goodies Coming from NP-SL

As it continues to win Minds & Hearts…

The country’s foremost petroleum company, the National Petroleum –Sierra Leone Limited continues to win the minds and hearts of  many Sierra Leoneans countrywide due to its efficient and effective service delivery. Within the realm of making available qualitative petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, kerosene as well as lubricants one of which is Castrol oil, then it is indisputable that within that area none is equal to NP-SL as it is doing exceptionally well. Surely, one remarkable attribute which the company possesses is it always ensures that all its products are always timely available to customers. “Unlike certain petroleum companies where, from time to time, one could be told at a particular filling station that fuel is not available, for NP it is the complete opposite as one will always access them without scratching the head,” Mohamed Turay, a commercial taxi driver who has been driving for over ten years lauded the company underscoring such is all the more reason why it has a huge number of customers in different parts of the country.

When cognisance is really taken of giving its esteemed cherished customers utmost satisfaction then NP has and still continues to be rated as very good in that. As a matter of fact one of the core values of the company borders on customer satisfaction which is uppermost in the minds of its Management. This is taken seriously, mindful of the fact that the company is there to provide optimal service delivery which is the why customers are held in very high esteem.

“We want to always give our customers the best because we believe they deserve it at all times and we will never renege in our resolve,” one of the company’s Managers intimated with commitment.

A cross section of Sierra Leoneans recently asked in interviews conducted in various parts of the country highly commended NP for its readiness and willingness to enter into customer-friendly negotiations based on business agreements. A private dealer maintained, “I have entered into various business deals with NP based on trust and the Management has never being hesitant to loan me fuel which I have never failed to pay in return timely.” NP has been doing the same with corporate institutions, MDAs and other entities.

As a country we are battling with the issue of unemployment but with business entities like NP, through expanding their networks, are providing jobs, from time to time, to ambitious deserving Sierra Leoneans who were hitherto jobless. The company has been opening filling stations in different parts of the country over the years thereby creating job opportunities. It is offering satisfactory remunerations to its workers and giving some the opportunity to gain advanced training.

What is real is that NP is a hundred percent successful indigenous owned company with all its members of staff being Sierra Leoneans. The company epitomizes one that truly adheres to the Local Content Policy which is a sine qua non to overall national development. There is the realization and acceptance that we need to make use of local talents and skills which NP is following to the letter.

As the company continues to generate profits out of managerial prudence it is at the same time timely paying taxes to Government and it belongs within the bracket of Large Taxpayer to the National Revenue Authority (NRA). Again the company is strictly rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility which has been benefiting many people.

Many have attested to the fact that as NP continues to win the minds and hearts of many around the country more goodies are being offered to the populace.



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