Sierra Leone News: NP-SL: A Living Testament of Dedication & Commitment

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited

Within the business landscape in this country one entity that has exemplarily stood the test of time amidst daunting challenges that could have seen it vanish in thin air of course is indisputably the National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited.

As a matter of fact, the company is impressively one of the most successful indigenous companies growing through the economic ladder since its humble establishment by 35 Sierra Leoneans who bought shares from the Government from their end of service benefits.

Through the mapping and rolling out of prudent business initiatives and competent managerial steering, NP-SL metamorphosed from an indigenous baby to a towering company whose landmarks could not be easily counted with the fingers. An evident testimony of the company’s viability could be interpreted in its opening of branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is providing qualitative customer care services to residents in those places.

Besides, trading in petroleum products, the company has been grossly contributing to economic growth through payment of taxes and churning out meaningful gestures under the cover of Corporate Social Responsibility that are transforming lives and improving communities.

A demonstrable impressive attribute is its commitment to ensure that petroleum products are always available and such has been preventing shortages that could create shocks in many quarters. The level of confidence which overseas business partners have reposed in the company has made it possible for entering into payment agreements thereby keeping the demand and supply chain open and running.

Very mindful of operating in a competitive space and dealing with people from various walks of life as well as private and public institutions, Management deems it befitting to put premium on enhanced customer care. For NP the customer is their number One Priority which is why it treats  customers with kids’ gloves ensuring that they are availed opportunities and innovations geared toward making transactions easier and convenient.

The company has gained reputation for offering different jobs to Sierra Leoneans throughout the country where it is operating and this has helped in reducing stress and alleviating poverty.

It is a policy of the company that Sierra Leoneans must be given preference in terms of job opportunities which is a testament of the fact that the company is operating in line with deepening the country’s Local Content Policy. Making use of local talents makes it possible to forestall financial flight as it usually obtains in situations where foreigners are employed to do jobs which indigenes can do better.

Apart from primarily dealing in petroleum products the company also offers the general public a convenient way of cooking through NP Gas. It could be found, in different sizes, at all their filling stations and can also be accessed from other agents.

Moving away from the traditional way of transacting business through using physical cash or  chits which at times lead to controversies, it was thought wise by the shareholders and Management to introduce the use of smart cards. With these cards, customers do not need to have huge cash in their possession to procure petroleum products, which is of course risky. They could purchase any quantity of petroleum product based on how much they have in their smart cards and want.

“I have been enjoying purchasing petrol for my car through the use of my smart card because I have been doing so in terms of other transactions and so this one fits in,” Mohamed Turay a Business Consultant frankly intimated noting that such is how developed countries operate within the business realm.

For its exceptional service delivery to numerous esteemed customers right across the country, the company has over the years gained accolades and recognition evident in bagging awards from institutions.

It therefore came as no big surprise recently for it to be awarded “Best Company of the Year” on 6th July 2019 during the National Business Award 2018/2019.

NP is undoubtedly a true Sierra Leonean pride.




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