Sierra Leone News: Pikin Bizness Clears the Air

Chairman of Pikin Bizness, Adonis Aboud

Pikin Bizness, an organization established to support children by providing health related assistance, economic and educational support to the child survivors of the post-conflict period in Sierra Leone has on Thursday 4th July 2019 thrown light on an audio making the rounds on social media highlighting that “the Chairman of Pikin Bizness, Adonis Aboud is using his humanitarian organization to take sick babies out of the country with the aim of selling their kidneys”.

Fredrick Tarawallie, Media and Communication Officer of the organization in a press release disclosed that their attention has been drawn to the baseless and hoax audio being circulated on social media which is an act perpetrated by certain unscrupulous and unknown person (s) bent on making false allegations against the Chairman of the said organization, Pikin Bizness, Dr. Adonis Abboud of using his humanitarian organization to take sick babies abroad to sell their kidneys.

He said their organization was established in January 2001, by three people who came together; Dr Adonis Abboud, Shellac Sonny Davies and Barbara Bangura, culminating into its launching as a Charitable Organization called Pikin Bizness.

He said four years later, in 2005, having spotted a campaign, launched by the Exclusive Daily Newspaper, advertising and appealing for help on behalf of one Abu Bakarr Jalloh, a six year old with a hole in his heart, Pikin Bizness embarked on a larger campaign targeting mainly children with heart deficiencies, especially children with holes in their hearts and other related diseases.

He further stated how since November 2005 to date, 23 children have been flown for cardiac treatment and 2 waiting to be flown to Dubai which has cost the organization more than ten thousand euros per child. Apart from heart cases, the organization has helped other children suffering from other diseases. The organization does not only deal with children suffering from heart deficiencies it also caters for children afflicted by different diseases such as Hydrocephalus, liver, kidney, urinary leakage and a lot more diseases.

Pikin Bizness, Fredrick Tarawallie, informed the entire nation that their organization mainly deals with heart cases and few others if the need arise and they have no business or any idea about a hospital called Green Hospital stressing that they are flying those kids who have congenital heart problems to seek medical procedures abroad through their partners Chain of Hope, Rcpch and Chaine De L’Espoir.

Pikin Bizness, as an organization will continue to work tirelessly to track those persons and bring them to book as soon as possible with accordance with the laws of Sierra Leone and called on Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to always cross-check information with them.

It was made known that nobody will frustrate their efforts and the humanitarian activities they have undertaking since its establishment.



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