Sierra Leone News: President Bio Thrills Investors in UK

President Julius Maada Bio

President Julius Maada Bio has said Sierra Leone is one of the best places for foreign direct investment that has conducive atmosphere for investors to make good their capital and get returns.

He made this statement while delivering his statement at the UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference on Thursday 6 June, 2019 in London.

He called on foreign investors and Sierra Leone citizens in the Diaspora to start investing in the country.

The UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference is jointly supported by the UK Government and Sierra Leone Government and attracted more than 300 investors and focused on how the Government of Sierra Leone can convince foreign investors to start investing in the country.

Since he assumed office, President Bio has made several trips abroad looking for foreign investors to come to the country. But with the number of investors in the UK-Sierra Leone Trade Investment Conference, it is hoped that President Bio’s investment policy will bring dividends for the country.

Speaking to journalists shortly after his speech, President Bio noted that his government will be creating an atmosphere that will promote investment and that they have a collective responsibility to provide pleasant experience and a supportive environment for investors to repatriate their returns.

He added that it is important to search for investors in the UK especially as the two countries share bilateral relationships.
He maintained that for everything thing that we have done in Sierra Leone, we need to let the world know and we need to attract foreign investors who may not have had the chance of going to Sierra Leone to do so now.

According to President Bio, the country has challenges but is dealing with them to create an enabling and better atmosphere for businesses to thrive, adding that he wants to give potential investors convincing and correct information for them to invest in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone, President Bio said is a safe democratic country after several elections and peaceful transfer of power.

He further disclosed that Sierra Leone has 5.4 million hectares of arable land for investors interested in agriculture, in addition to invaluable fish stocks, beautiful landscape and beaches for investors interested in tourism and eco-tourism.
He informed his audience that Sierra Leone is the best choice for people that want to invest.

“We are out here to sell the country and for people to be aware that the war is over there is no more Ebola and mudslide. Above all, Sierra Leone is ready and wide open for business,” President Bio informed his audience.

He went on to state that fighting corruption is one way to give confidence to potential investors as corruption prevents genuine investors from investing in the country. President Bio added that corruption has been choking investment and investors in the country; the reason why he is waging a serious and deliberate war against it.


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