Sierra Leone News: SLCS Clears the Air

Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Director General, Joseph Lamboi

The Sierra Leone Correctional Services (SLCS) has frowned on a publication done by one of the country’s local tabloids the ‘Independent Observer’ on Tuesday 11th June 2019, highlighting Prison Officers’ strike. According to the Regional Commander Western Area- Mr. Mustapha Sherrif Conteh the thrust of the said publication is false and inaccurate,
He clarified that  inmates were escorted to the Pademba Road Court, Siaka Stevens Street Court and Ross Road Court in the early hours of Monday.

However, the said newspaper stated clearly that there was no court seating on Monday the 10th June 2019, Mr. Conteh observed, adding that it is far from the truth.

“When we got to court past Monday, we were informed that the Judiciary had a workshop in which some court officials were to be part. That’s why cases were looked into quickly, so we had to return with inmates before the usual time. But there’s nothing to worry about. I am sure the journalist who wrote that story was under the impression that we were on strike because we left court earlier than usual.”

He said probably the report could likely be a ploy to paint the institution negatively adding how for the past three months positive reforms were rolled out, under the competent leadership of Mr. Joseph Lamboi and Mr. Dennis Harman.


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