Sierra Leone Organization of Greater Manchester Donates to Vulnerable Groups


By Mary Kabay

On Sunday 1st November, 2020 the Sierra Leone Organization of Greater Manchester (SLOGM) reached out to the most vulnerable residents at Calaba Town.

Mrs. Khadijatu Tejan Kadri, a representative from the people in Manchester, spoke on the purpose of the organization and why it was formed. She said the organization is formed by Sierra Leoneans living in Manchester who want to show patriotism to their country.

It has always been a myth when Sierra Leoneans ask what the country has done for them, but she added that they are here to change that narrative, which they are now implementing and that they want to do much more for the country.

She added that the organization is self-sponsored by Sierra Leoneans living in the Diaspora, Manchester to be specific.

She said this donation is not their first, but has been replicated in other locations and was done to the mud slide victims.

SLOGM is a broad based independent and democratic umbrella group which aims to support and advocate for the vulnerable people in their respective communities and to foster the integration of African and African organizations to play fully their participatory roles in public life.

The objectives of this organization are also to promote and support Sierra Leoneans locally and internationally and to advocate for the positive conditions of Sierra Leoneans, while in Greater Manchester.

They also engage and educate non- Africans about the continent through partnerships and awareness raising events, in order to develop a better understanding of African culture, diversity, histories, economies and to urge repartition for Sierra Leone by the British society that is fair and based on due rights, lacking disadvantage and discrimination.

Beneficiaries of this year’s donation were: the Mudslide Victims Foundation represented by their Youth Chairlady, the Sierra Leone Diamond Kids Foundation represented by Director Philip Koroma, Muraldo Men and Boys represented by Mr. Janneh and St. Mary’s Fatima Interim Care Center represented by Mr. Massaquoi.

SLOGM presented clothes, shoes and books to these organizations and they were in turn grateful because it was timely.


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