Sierra Leone Prepares for Impending Mobile Tariff Increase: Minister Salima Bah Takes a Stand!

The economic landscape of Sierra Leone is undergoing tumultuous shifts, with citizens grappling with the harsh realities of a depreciating currency, soaring fuel prices and a sharp increase in electricity tariffs. In such trying times, the impending rise in mobile phone and data tariffs looms large, casting a shadow over communication access for the ordinary citizen. However, amidst this uncertainty, a formidable advocate has emerged to champion the cause of Sierra Leoneans.

Minister of Communications, Technology and Innovation, Salima Monorma Bah, stands as a resolute voice and is currently ardently advocating for a compassionate approach as she comprehends the fundamental role of communication in today’s interconnected world, particularly for those residing in the nation’s remote corners. To her, access to communication is not merely a luxury; it is a fundamental right. She has the deep conviction that a steep tariff increase could sever or cut the vital lifeline of connectivity for many.

While public discourse may focus on the prospect of higher tariffs, Minister Bah has initiated negotiations with service providers, seeking concessions that will benefit Sierra Leoneans. Indeed, it must be noted that it is a demanding endeavour, taking into consideration the high costs that these service providers are incurring in making telecoms services available, however, with the support of NATCA (National Association of Telecommunications and Communication Advocates), she is resolute in finding a middle ground. This middle ground aims to reconcile Sierra Leone’s economic realities with the fundamental communication needs of its people.

To her, beyond the realm of numbers and tariffs, this is a matter of people, connections, and the unwavering determination to ensure her nation remains linked.

With this her latest approach in the midst of an imminent increase in tariffs, many have expressed the view that President Bio made a wise choice when he appointed Salima Monorma Bah as the Minister for Communications, Innovation, and Technology, as it is evident that with her passion the President secured a dedicated advocate for the people of Sierra Leone.

Undoubtedly, with her tech-savvy acumen and legal expertise, she is confronting the winds of change head-on, safeguarding the rights of her people.


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