Sierra Leone Qualifies for Enhanced Integrated Tourism Trust Fund


By Amin Kef Sesay

Enhanced Integrated Tourism Framework is a project that was launched recently at the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and it is one that is a Trade-Related Assistance for the Least Developed Countries with the objective of supporting these countries to better integrate into the global trading system and to make trade a driver for development for countries like Sierra Leone.

According to the project aims and objectives: Sierra Leone met the bench marks as indicated that all EIF Countries that have finalized and validated the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) and its Action Matrix are eligible for Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Trust Fund (TF) funding for Tier 2 projects. Sierra Leone amongst many other countries was one that qualified to commence Tier 2 which is aimed at assisting in the implementation of priority projects identified in the DTIS Action Matrix.

As these priority projects should be strategically selected to complement existing projects or fill gaps. Additionally, the Executive Secretariat for the EIF (ES) and the EIF Trust Fund Manager (TFM) will work with the EIF Countries to ensure that, where appropriate, small, low-cost and strategic projects are consolidated into a broader Tier 2 project.

Moreover, the project will consider three major eco-tourism sites, to enhance key elements that will raise the standards for tourism and local tourism consumptions respectively.

The three Eco Tourism Sites (ETS) with given priority are:

BANANA ISLAND: With its exotic culture, heritage and environmental ambiance and shapes emphasis must be given to make it more attracted, with key amenities.

TIWAI ISLAND: Nature at peace, as the new trend watches at Eco- tourism, Tiwai is one of Sierra Leone’s eco product with diverse bio elements, these elements must be


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