Sierra Leonean Journalist Celebrates Chinese New Year, Advocates for Stronger China-Africa Media Ties

In a heartfelt message to the People’s Republic of China, Amin Kef, an investigative journalist and the Managing Editor of the Calabash Newspaper, has conveyed his warmest wishes for the Chinese New Year. Celebrating the cultural significance of the Spring Festival, Kef emphasized the beginning of a new lunar cycle, with festivities spanning from February 10 to February 20, 2024.

As families across China reunite and engage in traditional practices to honor their ancestors and deities, Kef took a moment to appreciate the deep-rooted cultural richness that characterizes the 16-day-long celebration, culminating in the Lantern Festival.

Kef, while extending his congratulations, also underscored the importance of the China-Africa Media Cooperation. He expressed gratitude for China’s influential presence in the global media landscape and stressed the potential of the New Year to enhance dialogue and mutual understanding between Sierra Leone and China.

The journalist expressed optimism that the New Year would bring prosperity, good luck, and strengthen the bilateral relationship between the nations. He further conveyed his hopes for China’s positive influence on global stability, certainty, and the collective pursuit of peace and development.

Amin Kef concluded his message by wishing everyone a splendid and rewarding Chinese New Year and reaffirming his commitment to the fostering of international camaraderie.



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